Saturday, January 28, 2017

Farmhouse laundry room

There really is something to be said for a room re-make. Emptying a room, scrubbing it down, and giving it a new coat of paint is better then therapy. It is just what the doctor ordered when I redid my laundry room.  The laundry / mud room is right off the kitchen and where you enter from the garage, so if it is a pit, you unfortunately, see it on a daily basis.
The whole thing was bringing me down. 

We can close the door in the kitchen, but most days it is left open.  The room originally had yellow walls, goldish brown tile, red cabinet and black washer/dryer. 
(unfortunately, no before picture)
It was overflowing with coats, hats, shoes, boots, bags.... you get the picture... a PIT.

I painted the doors years ago and adorned them all with numbers or vintage babbles of some sort.

After scrubbing and removing everything I could, I then painted the walls, coat hook board and the cabinet.  Then I had fun scouring the house for some Farmhouse finds that I could fill my room with. Maybe not everyone has these extras just laying around, but I do. When you own your own shop for almost 10 years, you tend to have some extras just waiting for a new space to be displayed in.

The little cabinet was once my fathers little chest of drawers when he was a small child. I painted it and added hardware when my sister handed it off to me years ago. I was in a red stage back then. Now, not-so-much, but I like the little pop of contrasting color it adds to the room.

And then there is the rug!
I went in search of a rug, just like this, but when I saw it at the store I pretty much said "hell no" 
It was just too bright for my tastes.
After picking it up and putting it back half a dozen times, I finally talked myself into it.  After all, I could always return it if I got home, and it was was way off base. But I came searching for exactly this color, to set the tone of the room... why was I so afraid of it....
Color is Good.
... or so I reminded myself. 
Once home I loved it. Always go with your gut.

The cabinet, repainted gray *LOVE*

The GROCERY sign and the Cow were exactly the Farmhouse touches I needed.

New storage space for some of my large bowls and cake plates.
Perfect touch.... I think

This little vintage camera  was the color inspiration for the entire room makeover.

The door going out to the garage got a fresh coat of paint and my vintage flash cards got a new home.

I love to dry my Peonies and use them in displays when I can. 
They not only look good, but they smell good too.

Dry them
Gather them (three different colors)
wrap in burlap and tie with twine
ready to go!

That's the laundry room creation at the House of Miller.
The drawing around the cow on the first picture is black chalk.
It goes on well with fresh painted walls and when you are tired of it just wash it away.

Thanks for stopping
- LM

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