Sunday, April 13, 2014

Junk Bonanza ~ 2014

It has come and it has gone.

I have been doing a booth at Junk Bonanza for years...
every year, when I am preparing, I am super excited...
At the end, I am exhausted, and I say " never again "

It is a 3 day event, but for me it is a 7 - 9 day ordeal.

2 - 4 days of pre-bonanza.
... last minute buying, tagging, painting and packing.
Then there is a day of boxing, wrapping - preparing for departure.
A day of  hauling everything to the curb, hauling everything into the truck, hauling everything out of the truck, then set-up, staging ! Staging ! Staging!

Finally, a finished project. Joy and excitement.
5 days of work and exhaustion and we haven't even started the EVENT.

3 long days of selling.
selling... hauling
and at the end of the 3rd day...
haul everything that didn't sell back to the truck ...load.... drive back to the Barn...unload !!  Now my Barn is a complete mess... SO NOW... I get to work another day putting the Barn back together...
 Good Lord

And the entire time... I am on vacation (from my real job) VACATION !!  Who in their right mind ....

Lola was photographed at least 600 times.
I am sure you will see Lola floating around on pinterest 

We always try for a French inspired theme...

Linda brought some Fabulous Furniture pieces ....
all painted with the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.

The yellow chest was the first to sell

my French Poem wall drape was fabulous behind all of Linda's french themed dressers

The ironstone piece was so sweet 

sold. sold. sold.

This is Timothy, I found him for my collection. 

You can visit Lola, Wilma and now Timothy at the Barn !!

I have more photos to come...
check out Facebook also...

Off I go to the barn... see you soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

packing for Junk Bonanza

Packing for a road trip is no easy task.

You have to bring twice as much as you need. 
You have to bring things...and you know I do not like to schlep unneeded things.... but sometimes you need EYE catchers...something that will catch your eye and draw you in... that is why I adorned Lola and will schlep him. He is an eye catcher.

the Queen's chair is another !!
I spent the entire day Monday refinishing this beauty....
now I don't want her to sell...
but she will!!

I love the back !!
Love. Love. Love.

I always haul down some art...
It gives the booth that Vogue look

trophy's, corbels, santos

crowns, sheep, 
architectural pieces, vintage finds, dress forms .... 

.... and the big stuff is already in the truck.
I hope you can make it out and stop and say Hi.

The Barn will be open with Ashley, Darlene and Marilee (Ms.M) running the show until I get back.  At the show We will be showcasing furniture all painted with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.

They are all one of a kind and beautiful.
See you soon
Junk Bonanza or bust !!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Road trip Preparation

It's time for a road trip. 
Not a buying trip...which is always a blast.
BUT a selling trip ! 
A pop up show

... you guessed it... it is time for Junk Bonanza.
Once a year, I go to Junk bonanza and schlep my goods.
I rent a double space and try to put on a show.

This event is not a flea market, where tables are spread with dusty finds. This type of Venue is filled with talented artisans who like to set up their space, to sell their collections of vintage wares, with a little flair.

I, myself, like to show off and put on a show. I love when I hear gasps of approval. The next two days, I have to pack and select goods that will go with my theme... what no one else will have... AND what will sell.

(front entry at the Barn...the sun is coming in ! Fabulous)

I have had a long week and weekend working at the hospital... a couple emergency surgeries have put me behind schedule... so today, and tomorrow, I will have to recruit my faithful assistant, Kate, and rondo through a few projects....

I love this pillow with the numbered cups.
How cute for the corner kitchen chair...
I have 2 of them in stock ( they are discontinued) unfortunately, I wont be bringing them to JB because everything is supposed to be 40 years old or greater.

which isn't a problem for me...I have tons of fabulous vintage finds that are one-of-a-kinds !!!

When I first started doing this show, I did everything myself....Too much work !!
Too much schlepping!!
The last few years I have recruited friends to share the space with me, which means I don't have to drag so much product, and running the booth for 3 days is divided.
More shopping time for me !!

This year my friend Linda Strand is sharing the duty.
She is a glorified - certified Miss Mustard seed Milk Paint instructor, along with myself.
She has saved 10 of her best pieces of furniture for the booth.
(she might even have reserve - back up stock for Friday and Saturday)

She also has some smalls that are out of this world!!

Our booth will have a French - UK mix 
with the underlying theme of Vogue - because that is what I do.

I hope you can make it to junk bonanza this week. 
If you do, stop by the ..RBPCo.'s booth and say Hi to Linda and myself

If the crowds are too much for you the barn is open and over stocked for Spring.

I will try and post pictures of setup and the crazy-ness.

See you soon.

I'm off to pack and paint !!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grass and moss

As I sit contemplating  the topic of this post, my mind keeps going to the weather. I had decided earlier that I would avoid talking about the weather, after all, I am looking at lovely grasses in funking paper pots.
So Cute.
But as I look out the window we are getting another dump of snow.
Good God. 
4 " in the last 2 hours and Another 6 - 12" coming.

Enough. Enough. Enough.
Ugh.Back to the grasses....We love the new grasses at the Barn.

Grass and moss

they are the new pearls and diamonds.

who needs fancies when you can have
 green grass !!
...and green moss!!

I especially love the funky paper pots !!

... my paper shingles in the background are starting to curl...
and brown on the fun.

My Miss Mustard seed paint is catching on like wild fire.

Some customer's - even locals down the road, can't stand to be without their paint, so they are calling, saying " I need a bag of Lavender and Linen by Monday"

Off to the post office I go.
One must not delay anothers project !!

My favorite this week is Grain sack.
It is, as the name states, a light gray-ish white, like a gently used grain sack.

At home, I am putting it on as a top coat.... with the color, Artissimo, as the base coat. With some startegic chipping, it should look fabulous !!

Now, I just need an hour in between Junk Bonanza prep to get it done....
oh, I got side tracked... I was starting to tell you what I am doing ....I am painting the top and bottom cupboards at the end of my second floor hallway. I am so excited.
I love projects.

with that said, I better get a move on.

Lori - RBPCo.

Monday, March 31, 2014

a pop of color

As I mentioned in my last post, I found some great color at Market.
This royal blue, chartreuse and white are my favorite mixes this week.

I don't know what it is about chartreuse.
It makes everything come alive. 

This weekend we finally had our first 60 degree day.
It was so fun to see people out and smiling. Taking their time walking in
.... and NO Coats !!

More action with the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.

These three didn't come as a set, who would know....
It is now a fun little sit and play area.
The table has the alphabet neatly printed on it's top.

We have a week of rain and snow coming...
what a better time to start that indoor project !!

this weekend we did our first MMS paint SALE !!
All Paint and Finishing products 10 % off
I think we will extend one more day and finish off the Month.

We also have a few more spots to fill for the next paint class!
April 27 th
Sunday afternoon
12:30 - 2 pm
We provide everything including the courage to tackle your own project!!

Everyone is doing it !

If you are not that person, you do not paint.
You like the look, but want it finished.

Then fear not. 
We have tons of fabulous pieces of furniture at the Barn and ready to go to the Junk Bonanza.  Our Booth will be rocking with vintage furniture ready to settle in at your house.

So come see us in Andover - open daily,
or for three days at Junk Bonanza.

See you soon
Lori - RBPCo.