Sunday, November 15, 2015

Coordinate your look

It's getting closer.
That time of year ... time to design the annual Christmas card.
I have always enjoyed designing my Barn greeting cards, this year I did the card for our office. 
Team Cardiac Surgery.

First, I gathered a few props.... tools we use during surgery on a daily basis.

Next, some props for the season... some pine and some cones - good and simple ...and then find a good background. 

Play around a bit ...
tuck one here - one there...then rearrange 20 more times.
Many, many photos later.
Review and pick your favorite.

this is the one I decided on

black & white added a tiny bit of natural charm

There you have it - the perfect match.

One project done.
Now on to the many others I have lined up this week.

The weather here has been so unexpectedly warm and uneventful.... normally we are buried in snow by now...actually the grass is as green as can be, and some of my plants have started re-sprouting. 
All GOOD for me - because I hate doing the outside decorating when it is freezing.

Get your lists going....
Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Monday, October 19, 2015

set the table - cheers

It's always fun to present something grand for friends and family.
The other day it proved to be A beautiful day for a gathering.

It is always a bonus when you can use your outdoor space, in the Fall, for a get together.   With the closing of my brick and mortar space, I started to realize how much time I had spent with some very special women. It also made me think about how much I missed them, now that I didn't see them on a daily / weekly basis.
(...for the past 8.5 years !!!)

So the invites went out.
Please come for some wine and cheer.
...and the table was set.

It was a simple gathering.

I started the table set up with Glassware.
How fun it was to see the sparkle of the glass in the sunlight.
I mixed all different sizes and shapes to keep things interesting.

I am not one that has ever felt like things have to match - no rules with decorating - is my only rule. If you like it, if it makes you smile, then it is perfect. 

I love the black strands of beads... so fun to just throw them loosely on the table.
For some Fall touches I used mini Terra-cotta pumpkins and a single large skeleton.

For my ever present - in every setting - Vintage touches, I gathered my stash of silver salt and pepper shakers....all sizes, all different degrees of tarnish - ALL fabulous.

Also, vintage funky silver - housed in a fun vintage carrier.

Add a few touches with small chalk board signage... and desert before dinner... why not.

Gather around.

the menu

The side table.
It is ever helpful to have some extra serving room.
I left all the fall leaves that had fallen from the trees in place, along with the mini pots. 
Why not let nature set the stage.

Baby Jaxon, ( 18 months now) left out one little lizard by the I incorporated it into the decor. A perfect touch with a little of my decorating whimsy.

We ate, drank and enjoyed the beautiful Fall day. The best thing was the laughter, the smiles and the promises to do it again soon.

It was fun posting about something other then the Barn close down. So I hope you enjoyed my little bit of table decor.  I will share more soon.  
In the mean time, many ask over and over again, what am I doing with my free time.  I really have to tell you, I don't feel like I have any free time. Between the Hospital, my home and family And those two special Grand time is consumed. I have also begun to spend more time with clients, as a one-on-one consulting. Some is spent with decor and Event styling clients and some with gals (and Guys) that want help with achieving their dream, of opening a shop of their own. 

I really do think that Those that seek help with the unknown, with those that are in the know...are so far ahead of the game to start with. - I'm just sayin' 

talk soon
Lori ~ RBPCo.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

the Love of Brown Ale

I don't know how many of you have people in your lives that insist on NO gifts for their birthday.  Boring !!  My Mr Miller is one of those... he has everything, he needs nothing, he wants no money spent on him and he insists that he doesn't like surprises.

Well, I'm not one to follow the rules.
And - When I do something, I like to put on a show.
And - Mr. Miller loves Newcastle - that brown ale in a bottle.

This is his refrigerator in the garage. 
I planned it for 3 - 4 weeks before the big day and made sure I had an hour of two to un-box and prepare the space.

Never - Ever did he expect this when he opened the door.
The little keg was so cool too.

I tried to fill every inch of space with the beloved brew.

So if you need an idea to make your man you go.
Hopefully, he will share his bounty.

Another successful Birthday.
Topped off with dinner with good friends - Fun times.

more soon - we are off to the Gopher game.
Lori ~ RBPCo.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

As the leaves fall

The leaves not only are turning, but they are falling fast and furious.

It's close to 90 degrees one day and in the 50's the next... Autumn in Minnesota.  The best thing about this season, is that it is almost always sunny. Sunshine is good, especially if it warms you ... instead of making you sweaty. I love the sun to warm me.

My Fall vignettes are so fun... 
I also have a table scape to show you on my next post. Had the girls over for some wine and cheer.  Now that I am not at the Barn on a daily basis - being over stimulated by all the product their - I can enjoy my goods at home again.

This is my neighbor, Patti's tree. I have never noticed it to be this colorful before.
Just beautiful

The mums in the Fall are so fun.
Saturday we are expecting a hard frost. I will have to remember to bring them into the garage for the night. 

I like to adorn the pots with something so they are not just a plain ole' round ball. I use feathers, twigs, metal flowers and branches of various heights....anything really to give them a little bit of character

I am still working on my project at home... Kitchen counter, sink and faucet. Yesterday, I stopped at a design studio that focused on high-end appliances, kitchen, bath and lighting.  Many, many fabulous things to look at, but the customer service was HORRIBLE. The receptionist... greeter... what-ever her title was, and the designer that helped me - NOT... were two of the most RUDE people I have ever met.  Because I am in the business, I was over-the-top put out, to say the least.  Actually, it didn't matter that I was in the business....anyone, would of been put out and upset.  They certainly would not have been on my payroll for another 5 minutes more..!!

In a world where everyone's time is so valuable, it is so important to make sure every client that walks through the doors of your business feels welcome. Make sure that they feel valued and that it wasn't a mistake for them to take time out of their busy week to visit your establishment.
- I'm just sayin'
My business advice for the day.

I will continue to look for my project pieces... elsewhere.

Happy Fall. 
Lori ~ RBPCo.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Time to explore

One of my signs now resides on my front Patio.
I think it looks right at home with my lovely Ms. Terra Cotta.

This weekend, I was working at the hospital, but we had time to sneak off to the Apple orchard, with my mom, for some sunshine and Fall goodness.

The Pine tree apple orchard is located in White Bear Lake. At first I thought, Pine tree apple orchard...what a funny name for an orchard, but the orchard sits on the banks of Pine Tree Lake. Makes perfect sense now !!  On the grounds, which are beautiful, are gardens, picnic and lounge areas, a corn maze, hay rides, pumpkin patch and of course Apple trees. Miles and miles of exploration. They also have a bakery on site with both fresh and frozen you-bake-yourself goodies, a gift shop and showroom. 

Actors in their Regal costumes, getting ready to put on a little show down by the lake.

The day that we went it was not Fall-like weather, it was actually 85 degrees. A little too warm for me... and the Japanese lady bugs were out by the thousands. The little lady bugs are not the variety we had growing up .... the cute little red ones. OH NO ... these guys are orange-yellow in color, if there is one -  there is one thousand, and they bite !! Nasty little things. 

Once you got into the orchards they were not around so we could relax and enjoy the scenery. 
- Nothing but blue skies and apple trees

Certain parts of the orchards were picked clean, but where we were walking, the trees were plump with apples waiting to be picked.

We passed on the corn maze - again too hot, and we were getting thirsty.
The pumpkin patch was full of families with little wee-ones running wild with big smiles on their faces. Searching for that perfect pumpkin.

Once at home, after we had taken time out for a delicious Oktoberfest beer, I had fun with some of my own Fall goodies. Nothing like a little inspiration from nature.

... and then for breakfast we enjoyed some of the fruits of our I didn't bake these, but we did have to haul all of our Apple Goodness to the car.

I love apple butter !! 
Now that I am home, I wish I would have grabbed more.

We also bought a couple of pies, some apple cookies, apple bars and some strawberries.

What a great time of year.
It's funny because this morning it is dark, windy and super cold outside...

Watching the leaves fall - and Loving it.
Only in Minnesota.