Wednesday, September 17, 2014

do you love a fun towel

Check out these fabulous towels.
I love cute little towels to spice up the kitchen or bar area.

This one above is SO cute with the fox, the stripes and the bit of lace on the bottom

It even has a matching apron !!

... and who doesn't Absolutely love a little pug in a chair
... I could go on and on ... but there are more...

Eek. Love them all !!

You know how it is when I go to market. I only buy what I like... If you like what you see on this blog, then you like the same things I do.  If you like the same things I do, THEN you will love a field trip to the Barn.  

I hear this a lot ... I will have to see if my girlfriend will go with me... Or, I have to get a group together and come up. Coming with friends or a group is great, but I think you will have the BEST time experiencing and exploring when you come by yourself.  You can take your time... enjoy some coffee... search for the unusual... Just have a peaceful - relaxing experience. 

You never know what you will find.

... we truly have something for everyone !!

... we even have snacks for those of you who are here for a while.

Do you have a painting project coming up and need a little confidence working with the Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint.  Our next class is coming up and it will give you the confidence you need - plus it will be fun... we are painting pumpkins. Learn everything you need to about this line of paint / products.

Sign up by calling and reserving your spot today
Sunday, September 28
1:30 - 3 pm

We supply all of the products.
Limited space.

Lori - RBPCo.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Harvest Home

What is it that makes your house your home?

When you walk in do you feel instant comfort... or is it in a constant state of chaos.  I hope it isn't chaos. I hope it is a safety zone with good smells, and good vibes and ... well... comfort. When you are not at home, are you thinking - I can't wait to get home... And when you get home you think - yes, I am finally home.

Home is a good thing.

we are nesting here at the Barn
- gathering things we think you will love for your home
- to provide your space with fun surroundings

- and good smells

- and lots of color

- and who doesn't need some good, inspiring books to curl up with on these cool days.

This weekend our Fall Market was going on.
Good times !!

Come on in and grab a warm cup of coffee and explore the grounds for some comforts for your home.  
 - The maple pumpkin butter just arrived. !

Open daily.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

if only you could scratch and sniff

Our Fall market is under way.

Good Times.
Good Smells.

With all this Fall Color and Fall - yummy smells -  you won't want to leave once you get here.

These real, natural dried gourds look fabulous mixed in with the Pecan Pie Potpourri. Our candles and melts bring that pumpkin and cinnamon and apple spice to life. - you would think Grandma was in the kitchen baking... Yum !

Books are here.
We love when the books arrive at the Barn - so much inspiration

- even these fun little gift books are inspiring. 
- great tips and great photos...

Come on in ...grab a cup of coffee...
explore And be inspired to update your home for Fall.

Fri-Sat 10 - 5 pm / Sun-Mon 12 - 5 pm / Tu-Thur 10 - 6 pm

See you soon


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

look who's in the pumpkin patch

I love the Fall.

I especially love decorating for the Fall... all the colors AND the smells.
At the Barn we are transforming the entire place - inside and out - for our Fall Open House / Boutique.

It looks good !
It smells SO-o-o GOOD !
 We are expecting our Pumpkin whoopee pie mix along with our pumpkin bread and pumpkin maple butter - It's due to hit the Store today or tomorrow !!!
talk about Yum. 

The Fall decor comes with mixed reviews.
Some come in and complain that we already have the Autumn goods out on display, and then there are  others who have been asking for it since the beginning of August.  All I can say is - we are decked out and ready to inspire. And I must add ... we have already sold a ton of harvest Goods.

The colors and Vintage highlights are Fabulous.
A must see...

So spread the word...
grab a friend or your mom or sister and come in for an adventure...
search for the usual OR the unexpected.
We have it all.

Open Daily.
Sun-Mon 12-5pm / Tue-Thurs 10-6pm / Fri-Sat 10-5pm

Sneak Peek at Halloween ... it's out and gets better everyday .

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Friday, September 5, 2014

nothing but fabulous

Who doesn't love  a good wheel.

       Especially one that looks like this. E-gads  !! 
                                                  Blue Heaven is what I say.                                                                                          

This cart I believe was once used to transport luggage. You could set some luggage on the low shelf and stack the rest on the higher metal rack.  Very functional indeed - considering the luggage itself had no wheels back then, and it would fold flat for easy storage ... and BONUS with the styling blue wheels.  When it came to the Barn, I immediately changed her up a bit.  I found a metal tray and added it to the top rack... a wooden cutting board on the bottom rack... a couple fun hand towels were added... you know where I'm going with this ... A Super fun BAR cart !!

I wouldn't think it would hang around long... Stay tuned. Remember what we say at the Barn ..."if you see it - and you love it. YOU better buy it -  it will be gone the next time you come in."