Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring designs

It's one of those days.
Spring is actually not right around the corner, like it is for some of you.  We have a good two months before buds are blooming and the threat of snow is gone.  Tonight and tomorrow they are saying 8" - 16" of snow.
 Oh Well.

We have had it easy, we have had four days of teasingly warm weather, which makes me dream of Spring.  I was playing on the computer this morning...I tell Mr. Miller that I am Working on my computer...

Creating isn't really work, but productivity is considered work to him, and as I was feeling very productive... a good days work it will be.

I am really into black and white these days so I decided to start with a chalkboard background.

The one shown above and my Farmer's Market are the two I like the best.

What do you think....
-something for the wall
- card design
- a pillow cover

love. love. love.

- LM

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.
I am in Minnesota and I can feel it.

For all you shop keepers, I hope you have the green plants growing within your displays.
It doesn't matter if you sell the plants or just set them out for a breath of fresh air.
This time of year ... it is a must.

The little green heads will bring a smile to your customers faces.

Even the little itty bitty ones.
I love them mixed in with as much gardening elements as available.
If you don't have any vintage pieces laying around, use natural elements like bits of mulch or little piles of dirt. All of it will inspire and make everyone who sees it feel good.

When you are at market buy as many little spring extras as you can.
These succulent candles came prepackaged together.
The package stunk and the price point was too high... not exactly what I remembered ordering at the time.
The only thing to do is Open the package and let the creativity happen....
...not to mention a little $4 candle is easier to stomach for some guests vs. $16 - $20 for the boxed set.

I used to get a lot of crap from my sales associates for the little bags of dirt I would mix into my vignettes. 
(at the very bottom of the picture)
 They were all priced...something silly like $2.95 a bag.
I don't remember if I sold any, but they were cute and people smiled when they picked them up.
They were Just a little extra for visual stimulation. a stack of plates within the plants... my little bit of whimsy... something out of the ordinary.
(I am really starting to miss doing my vignettes)
(.. maybe someone in town needs help whipping their shop into shape...)

These recycled paper pots are some of my favorites.

This time of year it is fun to play in the dirt... definitely, indoor planting, but bits of green growth are invigorating.  
From one shop keeper to another, it doesn't matter if you have a brick and mortar shop, a booth or a pop up shop, get those plants and bulbs going.... 

- LM

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

check one off the list

Some things are just long over due.
Plain and simple as it is.
Sometimes, your mind works faster then there are hours in a day.
Because of this ultra fast mind thing, I believe there is a need for Lists.

There are mental lists, lists on paper, lists on the phone, iPad, computer and of course the old post-it note.   Everywhere and anywhere is my latest list.
You will not understand "the list" if you, yourself, are not a list person.
Mr Miller, for one, is not a list maker.  He does not understand why I, or anyone for that matter, has a need to make a list. 
... if you get-it you get-it, if you don't you don't.


Once upon a time, when time was really short, I worked full time at the hospital, ran the shop full time and tried to be creative on the side.... along with having a family and a so called social life...

Back then I had a private little list of what I wanted to accomplish if I didn't have all these things going on. The list was tucked away ... close, but not ready to present itself.  As you know, It has been over a year since I closed the brick and mortar shop and things have been a little quiet on my end. A little Instagram and a little Facebook but not much else happening.  As of the last couple weeks, the other parts of my life have settled in and I have found myself searching for more.

So just recently, my private list of things that were on hold, has surfaced.

The first thing on the list is to upgrade my camera...I haven't purchased it yet, but I have researched and finally made my decision. That in itself took some time and learning to use a new camera is a big step for me.  The second, is buying and learning a new photo editor system.
I am playing with it daily and I am having so much fun.
Why I didn't do this years ago....
I hope you noticed and like the new blog header.... did it all by myself ! proud !!
Also, the advertisement card, showing the new Farmhouse Series.
I think I like the blue boarder.

I'm so excited.
I need to go play some more while I have this hour of free time.

- LM

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Choose Vintage

I finally have a few days off at the hospital.
When you do 8 or 9 days in a row, without a day off, you tend to look forward to time away.  The list of things to get done at home are long.
I am usually torn between doing something fun vs something on my list... meaning chores. 

Today, I thought I would do a little of both.
First, some fun photos from my living room.

I love my vintage - chippy mantel. I found it years ago when I was out shopping for the store - back when I had the brick and mortar shop 
I fell instantly in love... Mr. Miller, not so much... he went on a small rampage, "it is not coming in the house"

Well, we all know how that turned out. 
It fits and looks like it was made for this house.

Over the years I had many different things on and above the lovely mantle, but this look is my favorite.   

The collection of goodies on the bar cabinet are also some of my favorites.

...especially the wee little sheep. I love my sheep.

What do you have inside your mantle opening...

mine is simple... birch and books.

The website online shop has basically been closed for the last year but I am currently working on filling it with services and product. Stay tuned!!

Remember to Choose Vintage ~ LM

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

the Greeting Card line

 I am still having fun with the greeting card line.
I am starting to think about expanding and changing some graphics. After all, 2017 is going to be a year of big change, so I might as well get on board.  I was working on packaging up a wholesale shipment this weekend and thought I would take a couple photos, throw it out there, and remind everyone about the card line.

They are fun little 4x6 inch cards that are everything you love.
Vintage. Chippy. Rusty.
Everything I love, photographed and printed on 18 little cards.
The envelope I also designed with a funky book page look on the inside flap.

This order is heading out to Devils Lake, North Dakota
The shop is a fun little brick and mortar called Rue 54 
This funky establishment will house home decor, of the vintage nature, gifts, jewels, handbags and a wine shop.Yes, you heard right... I believe you can sip a glass of wine...and maybe coffee too...while you shop. Please let Cyndy know I sent you!

If you are interested in perusing my line for your shop, or if you want to purchase just a few cards for yourself please check my other site here 
We ship to any state and International.
email me at

as always thanks for stopping 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Farmhouse laundry room

There really is something to be said for a room re-make. Emptying a room, scrubbing it down, and giving it a new coat of paint is better then therapy. It is just what the doctor ordered when I redid my laundry room.  The laundry / mud room is right off the kitchen and where you enter from the garage, so if it is a pit, you unfortunately, see it on a daily basis.
The whole thing was bringing me down. 

We can close the door in the kitchen, but most days it is left open.  The room originally had yellow walls, goldish brown tile, red cabinet and black washer/dryer. 
(unfortunately, no before picture)
It was overflowing with coats, hats, shoes, boots, bags.... you get the picture... a PIT.

I painted the doors years ago and adorned them all with numbers or vintage babbles of some sort.

After scrubbing and removing everything I could, I then painted the walls, coat hook board and the cabinet.  Then I had fun scouring the house for some Farmhouse finds that I could fill my room with. Maybe not everyone has these extras just laying around, but I do. When you own your own shop for almost 10 years, you tend to have some extras just waiting for a new space to be displayed in.

The little cabinet was once my fathers little chest of drawers when he was a small child. I painted it and added hardware when my sister handed it off to me years ago. I was in a red stage back then. Now, not-so-much, but I like the little pop of contrasting color it adds to the room.

And then there is the rug!
I went in search of a rug, just like this, but when I saw it at the store I pretty much said "hell no" 
It was just too bright for my tastes.
After picking it up and putting it back half a dozen times, I finally talked myself into it.  After all, I could always return it if I got home, and it was was way off base. But I came searching for exactly this color, to set the tone of the room... why was I so afraid of it....
Color is Good.
... or so I reminded myself. 
Once home I loved it. Always go with your gut.

The cabinet, repainted gray *LOVE*

The GROCERY sign and the Cow were exactly the Farmhouse touches I needed.

New storage space for some of my large bowls and cake plates.
Perfect touch.... I think

This little vintage camera  was the color inspiration for the entire room makeover.

The door going out to the garage got a fresh coat of paint and my vintage flash cards got a new home.

I love to dry my Peonies and use them in displays when I can. 
They not only look good, but they smell good too.

Dry them
Gather them (three different colors)
wrap in burlap and tie with twine
ready to go!

That's the laundry room creation at the House of Miller.
The drawing around the cow on the first picture is black chalk.
It goes on well with fresh painted walls and when you are tired of it just wash it away.

Thanks for stopping
- LM

Monday, January 23, 2017

green Blooms

I just realized that even though I have not been keeping up with my blog, you are all still checking in. I apologize for my long absence.  As you can see, I am still trying to be creative and surround myself with beautiful things. In Minnesota, in January, you need growing, green blooms to keep your sanity.
AND loads of projects to keep you busy until it is once again garden season.
Besides doing a remake on my kitchen, I need to get you up to speed on the spare, guest bedroom and the laundry room make over.  I also spent a couple months rehabbing a townhouse that we were renting... and now since have sold.  

I will check back soon and get some inspiration flowing.


Monday, August 15, 2016

the House of Miller

It may seem that I have been busy doing projects at my house. At least, it seems I am busy posting photos of my house.  Actually both are true, I have started a few projects, and I have been posting more about the House of Miller, due to the fact that I don't have the Barn any longer.  Makes sense to me...

My kitchen project has been long over due. 
The project actually started many years ago, but I only finished half of the Kitchen back then. It all started because I wanted a new refrigerator. Our house was built in 1990, and evidently, the refrigerators were small back then.  The space that the old fridge occupied would not house a newer, larger refrigerator, that is common these days.  Once I found the "big dog, Sub-Zero" that I wanted, I knew I was in trouble. It definitely wouldn't fit in the small space we once had a refrigerator in! So we had to rip out the entire wall of cabinets and redo the entire ceiling. Which meant, new lighting and new cabinetry.  All that, and only half the kitchen was touched...Phase 2 is what we just finished up.

Phase 2 is the working part of the kitchen.
Where we wash and cook.

The sink, in today's standards, looks very petite. The stainless is new to us, we are used to a porcelain sink, and I'm still not convinced if I am digging the stainless. 

I do LOVE the dark cabinets on the bottom and the over-distressed white uppers.

Lovely, isn't it!!
I do love how it all turned out.
I painted the cabinets, put on some sassy - non matching knobs, new counter top, sink and faucet, and tile back splash. The knobs are a combination of dark bronze, glass and dark bronze pulls on the opposite bank of drawers.

The vintage cabinet has been here since part one of the kitchen redo...

this is the opposite wall.... the "big-dog fridge" I was talking about, and my coffee station. Part of the first phase of the kitchen redo years ago. As you can see, this refrigerator, was not going into a small pre-built area of any kind.

This is the other side of the fridge.
This bank of drawers was the only thing salvaged from the first tear-out.  I added a new counter top... well maybe not-so-new... It is made from some salvaged wood that my neighbor was throwing in the burn pile.  Score!

The canvas is one from my line that I sell. I did a series of pictures with vintage silverware, and this is one of my favorites and by far, the most popular in the series. They are available in 3 or 4 different sizes.

you can see in this photo the not-so-new counter top. A closer look of the salvaged wood used for this bank of drawers and the coffee station. 
LLLove them.

This is the before photo. ~circa 1990
Original Formica tops from when we originally built in 1990 with a 3" backsplash.
The upper cabinets I had painted white long ago, and I decided to keep the white uppers. The lower cabinets, I had painted brown with a black wash over them. That needed to go. I decided I wanted the lower cabinets a dark gray. I was going to do a milk paint or a chalk paint but I didn't have anything on hand in a dark gray and I wanted to paint immediately, "like, Right NOW." If you know me, you know I must start immediately, once I make up my mind... the closest thing to me is a Home Depot, so that is were I made a bee line to buy paint.

The original can I bought was drying slightly more blueish- gray then I liked, so I grabbed a can of Charcoal chalkboard paint, from Restoration Hardware, that I had on hand, and did a little Lori Miller home blend. 
I loved the results.

This bank of drawers was were I started, and it has the blueish-gray look.  I don't know if you can tell by the photos, but there is a slight difference. I like the darker cabinets with my blend, but that doesn't mean I repainted the bank of drawers. It sits off by itself and it really does look fine.

I love the " one coat " Behr paint from Home Depot.
It really goes on nice.
(I am not getting paid by Behr to say that)

the before countertop

the new stone counter.
It's called "super white"
The surface is honed and antiqued.
The honed surface means they take the polish off and the Antiquing is a technique that will texturize the veining a little deeper then the leathering technique.

If you run your hand across the top of the stone you can feel the texture.

before sink

New sink.
Undermount, single bowl, stainless.
Blanco Quatrus single bowl - medium.

The faucet is a Delta touch from the Trinsic Collection.
Love it.
I wanted something simple, yet industrial looking.

Last but not least, the tile.
This is not the traditional subway tile, but close. I fell in love with this "hand thrown" Artisan tile from Ceramic Tileworks.  Each tile is slightly off, with imperfections and irregularities. Exactly my cup of tea! The tiles are longer then the normal subway tile that is popular, these are 3 x 12" which is really fun.  I used a light gray grout.

You can see how dark the lower cabinets are here.

The combination works for me. 
The stone was purchased at Cold Spring Granite and my Fabricator is AstoniA

Last on the project list was the range exhaust hood.
It was left over from the original 1990's build. It was shiny white with years of grime. YUK.  I had never ordered a new one, so It needed help.
 I painted it also. 
I mixed my Behr gray paint with a charcoal metallic paint. 
I love it also!

My motto is when it needs to be updated just paint it

I hope you had a fun tour of the new kitchen. 
It was long over due on the project list, here at 
the House of Miller.