Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Bliss

Love Memorial weekend when the weather is nice. The weather here was pure bliss. I felt like my little free and oh, so happy.
After the winds last week we had some downed soldiers, but it was easy to decide who was going to the vase.

Sweet sunshine. My backyard is the perfect playground for adults. Gardens, grilling, relaxation and more gardens.

Here is my latest project. A fun herb garden. We have already been sampling the Rosemary and Basil. Delish!

The Rosemary topiary is my pride and joy.

Getting the grilling station ready. I bought the sign last year...yep, at the Barn.
A Sue Wolf original.

Lots of perennials. I'll be sure to do a back yard tour as I get more done.
Can I come out yet?


Junk Girl said...

I tagged you girl, cause I love ya! Check out our blog! Andrea

Anonymous said...

Love your backyard. What a pleasant place to be. Enjoy your summer!