Monday, April 12, 2010


Even Mr. Jingles loves embellishment.
I can't tell you how much I am into pearls...layers of pearls.... neck, fingers, wrist...bring it on.
I love when the new product comes in, whether it is from a local artist or a new found vendor... it is just so much fun.

I knew I was going to re-vignette this section for some fun new jewelry, and that I didn't have any black velvet on hand. I also knew I didn't have time to stop at the fabric store. What's a girl to do?.... well... dig out last years -or maybe 5 years ago Velvet Christmas pants. Hell, they will never fit again anyway....right???

these have been a big hit.... bea-ut-iful!

the layers and the crosses...OMG

as Marilee said, "this one will make a statement."

too fun

the colors are so fun

... and the rings....
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.
We were hopping at the Barn, it is so much fun to visit with all of you when you come in. So many new guests that ohhh and ahhh. The sunshine makes everyone so vibrant and alive.
See you this week for the April Spring Showers Sale.


Granny's Place said...

What a lovely things I see here on this blog, amazing.
Wish you a wonderful week,
Greetz Madelon