Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Do you believe.
I believe this is the year of the creative mind.
I believe in time management.
I believe the fortunate should lend a helping hand to the unfortunate.
I believe in angels....

This could go on forever and I don't believe you are here to read my ramblings. So lets continue to move through the room... we are at the mantle...

...and the first little Christmas tree. 
He sits in a small urn and is dressed with only the smallest of birds and a simple string of gold miniature lights.  He provides the green needed for this vignette.


I was going to move my birdbath back outside, but he made a nice little side table.  Once he declared his function he was in...

the angels you may recognize from some of my photos from last summer... where they spent their time out pool side.

love the necklace and the pink cheeks on my sweet birds

as cute as it is, I myself, have had enough snow already....3 more inches yesterday.


More to come.
 I will get my posts ready.... before Christmas...
of my Christmas trees
info on Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ January 2011
and the give away....


time worn interiors said...

I love the mantel vignette! I know I tell you this all the time, but you've got a great talent! Most of the time I only see this kind of talent at all the shows we do! And I might add you would fit right in at some of the best shows, (Marburger in Texas) for one would be lucky to have you! I really enjoy looking at all you do with your home and your shop! Merry Christmas!

Junk Girl said...

I DO BELIEVE you have outdone yourself! I love your fire place and all the goodies. In fact, my screen saver is the picture of the top of your mantel! (I can now stare at it all day at work when I am SUPPOSED TO BE working!) LOL!

Happy Holidays!

Rachel said...


Heaven's Walk - said...

Beautiful vignettes, Lori! Just beautiful! You have such a talent for placing treasures together to create a story...a feeling....I love the sweet rusticness of everything here. Sweet Christmas blessings to you!

xoxo laurie

jojo said...

I believe in Miracles...

and I love your beautiful vignettes! The details are just lovely and I can't wait to see more.

Merry Christmas...;j

Faded Charm said...

Such wonderful vignettes you create. Don't you love bringing your statuary inside to be admired more often?

Happy Holidays!


K McDonald said...

Wow, you have really outdone yourself Lori. I love all the silver and your vignettes are so inviting. I really love your trophies and how you used them in your displays. I thought I was all shopping for this Holiday, but I just have to visit the RBPC today to pick up some more goodies and to keep me inspired. Have a Wonderful Holiday

thesis binding services said...

looking like an Santa's apartment a little bit. Don't know why, but I get this associations