Tuesday, February 7, 2012

take flight

Wouldn't she look grand mounted on your mailbox?

She is a metal weather vane after all...

Spring is in the air a little early here at Barn...
We have no snow... basically, no winter... I know we have a real big chance of getting snow but for now it feels like I need bright color and grass and sun. 
Like now!

As you read this I need to share a little secret...
I am sunning at the pool in Mexico!
Yep. It's true.
Sitting at the pool. Reading a book. Thinking about a margarita.... is it noon yet???  Oh hell, I'm on email... no phone.... no clocks....

No worries... My Barn is being manned by the best in the business. My Barn girls are there running the show.  So go shopping!!! Oh my, I get sassy on vacation.



MEM said...

Such fun STUFF you have! Love to check your blog because it always brings a smile. Have a good break from work duty-----sunny but cool in west central Mn today. Sun makes every day a good one. Can't wait to see what new treasures you'll be posting.