Saturday, August 10, 2013

coffee anyone

Good morning.
I can't believe a whole week went by since I last posted pictures.

So, how about Coffee, tea or just a cute vintage cup.

I adore these cups... but like chairs and clocks and tons of others that I horde, 
I have a thing for cups.

my white squirrel is so sassy... he was honored to be part of the photo shoot.

I have 4 left.... I'm just saying...

My friend Linda is a master with the paint brush.

This chest is so cute!!
Just in last Sunday along with three other pieces.

As I said before, I was excited to move some Fall/ harvest goods out to the sales floor.

Floral gives that instant pop of color, but I think it is all about a good mix of wicker, linens, candles, pumpkins, gourds and apples.  That is what gives us that authentic Autumn vibe.

check out the Globe !! 

Love the Globe

fun stuff just in...
I will try and get more pictures up soon.
It has been one of those weeks...

light flooding in at the end of the day... but you can kind of see the fun vignette

OK... who is messing with my white balance... this chest is a really cute - it's not white or off-white... it is
"hummingbird blue"... you know that fun blue-aqua-greenish color that is hot right now...
boy-oh-boy my camera...or whoever is running the camera, is messed up.
I told you, long week.

I have a couple copies left of the late summer issue...
Once again, it has some good stuff.

Sometimes it is too much white for me, but it has remained the stylist choice over in Denmark for years now.  As I page through, it does give you a sense of welcoming calm.  For me, I love anything with a number plastered on it, or anything that is some sort of signage or just random words in general.
They do a lot over there with script, words and numbers... Love.

It's a fun issue.
Go to the webshop and I will drop one in the mail.

If you have only heard of the Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines, and have never touched one, you will be in for a huge treat. Nice paper. Over the top styling and photography. Reprinted in the English language. No advertisements.  They really are like a soft cover book that you will want to hold on to.

Happy weekend to you all !

See you at the Barn.

Lori - RBPCo.


Nantucket the good life at Prince Snow Farm said...

Just noticed that you sell your items as well through your blog! I will be peeking through the blog!