Friday, January 10, 2014


The weekend is here and it is nice out.
We are supposed to get above freezing ... above 30 degrees.

Are you kidding me !! 
I might wear shorts over my long-johns today!
Happy. Happy.

We finally re-opened the Barn. The furnaces love when the outdoor temperature is above 0.  We can now take our coats off inside and get to work.  I have started revamping tables and sorting Christmas from Winter and so on... I had one customer, yesterday, ask when my Spring merchandise is coming out.  I smiled and said "soon" .. BUT I wanted to scream "it's only the 9th day of  January!!"

We must do Winter at least through January !

I love this new table where my mushrooms are growing tall in their cute sweater tops.
It is a fun Winter look.

of course... I can mix in a little growth ... a tease of the Spring to come...

On a new Note...
I am going crazy with my lists...
they say some people like lists and some don't
I don't understand the mind of those who don't need lists.

I am a list maker.
... give me a post-it or any scrap of paper and I feel the need to make lists.

It affirms, in my mind, that I have accomplished something. I, for one, need ... I mean I need to accomplish something hourly.... or at least daily, or I feel the day has been wasted.  
The most important part of the list is the crossing off part
you know what I mean
I did this
and this
and this
If you are like me, you put things on the list that are already done... just so you can cross it off.  You feel better... you have accomplished something.
Happy. Happy.

When I hear you should make a few goals for the up-coming new year...
Are You Kidding Me !!
What about a few goals each DAY.

Lets get something going People.
Maybe I have had too much coffee... and my time is almost up.
my allotted blog time - need to wrap this up.

It is time to grow.
This year there will be expansion and growth.
I am so excited to move forward at the Barn and with my other businesses.
Lori Miller Vintage Design. Studio M Couture. LM Brand.

If your business or home needs a new look. I will be expanding my consulting / stylist hours ...

With your input we can help you create your own Brand.

So much to do ...

... my own little Pig Pen

SALE at the Barn goes through today.