Sunday, November 9, 2008

PeaCe on EarTH

Opening day has come and gone. Success! Peace on Earth ...All of our long days and sleepless nights....well, my sleepless nights.....the perfectionist in me stresses about the smallest details. This year, setting up the store for Christmas went better then last year. I was able to take time and get the big, center stage, pieces in place. Then it was rearranging the lighting, bringing in more chandeliers, getting bigger and better trees....thanks to my sister Barb.... getting lights on all of the trees this year, and I even made time to paint some background props. Whew....time to take notes so I can start planning for next year. A couple of things that I have picked up on during the Christmas set up are time and work space. First, the ticking clock moves oh so fast when you only have days to get the project done, a plan must be in place before the action starts and then you must surround yourself with talented people to help. Second, which my friend and talented stylist, Julie has pointed out, "Stay off my TAIL"! we must work together but nothing gets done unless we work apart!..... so I have adopted her saying...and truthfully, I have been saying it every day....stay off my tail....I love it. Anyway, opening day guests started arriving early, the line outside began at 9:30. As we scurried to finish last minute details inside, the flakes started falling outside, how perfect could things get! The day was fast and furious, lots of oohs and aahs, lots of hugs from old friends, lots of kudos from new friends, lots of sales.... so for those of you who stopped by, Thank you. For those of you who missed the opening....check out some will tempt you to stop by before the goods are gone.

isn't the old screen above the mantel fabulous
coppers and browns
I nestled the tree within my old buggy and dropped the chandelier right down into the 15 foot tree
some before and after shots

and after....

again before and after....

The reds in this shot do not do this area is absolutely stunning. The tree has about 6 strands of red lights and is loaded with red balls....many set all the way to the base of the tree....cut out every other row of branches to achieve this effect....don't forget about the red awning.....

my porch swing.....filled with tea and assorted gifts

the kitchen area turned into a whimsical chocolate wonderland

I searched for 10 months to find the perfect vintage stove for this area....all parts working....gorgeous...note the chandelier dropped over the stove....too perfect.

I'm still smiling...

be good.... be safe......see you soon. L