Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 07

Good morning ladies. I am in such a happy mood this morning. The sun is shining and the weather forecasts warmer days to come. I think because I am a Leo (Aug 17), the sun brightens my soul and makes me happy no matter what stress comes my way. Because the weather is warming up, I can start to gather my precious angels and urns and prepare them for their return outdoors. I don't know what I love more...bringing them indoors in the fall, or returning them to the gardens in the spring. I captured a few pictures to share with you before they escape to the great outdoors. I hope they brighten your day as they have mine.

I love the shadow she is throwing in the early morning.

I am a sucker for the chippy white over terra cotta

this time of year I rely on the silks... they improve the quality every thing you know they will come scented
Thanks to my friend Nancy, my home and the store are bursting with grasses and flowers.

getting ready for my Easter guests

... thanks for stopping by
hugs, L


Junk Girl said...

Lori! Hi! OMG - your store was FABULOUS! I could have spent a zillion or so dollars in there and I tried real hard to - ha! LOVE the topiary and in fact, I bought a smaller one also. I found many things and hope your mom gave you the lowdown! I was so sorry we missed meeting you! I will be coming to the cities this summer with my family and will stop in! Andrea

Lou Cinda said...

I just happened upon your blog today and I love it!! Count me as a follower! I love your style and your shop is to die for!!

I wish you weren't so far away from me!!

Lou Cinda :)