Sunday, November 8, 2009


I can't believe I did it. We did it. I could not have finished without the help of my wonderful staff. The Barn Girls - Darlene, Marilee, Cheryl and Ashley.
The finishing touches were complete by closing on Friday ~ UNBELIEVABLE! I thought at the beginning of the week, when I was turning over Halloween, I would still be designing at midnight Friday. Whew.
Saturday, the Premiere, was a blast. So much appreciation for all the hard work - all the glam!!
I only know how to do it one way...a little over the top for some, but what can I say.
Before the festivities begin today at the Barn, an hour earlier then the norm, I need to go through Pictures.
So many Pictures.
While I sort and crop, I will leave you with my entrance. This project, I saved for Friday because it was supposed to be sunny and beautiful outside, and it was a glorious 60 degrees. So, in between customers and chatting, I did get it done.
We'll wind around the walk way toward the front door.

all things broken through out the year find a home in the window boxes

tis the season - as they say

Now that I'm done out here, I'm thinking a little snow would look nice on all this greenery.

The church pew was a great addition...if only it didn't weigh a 1000 lbs.....yikes.
If you want it for your front porch bring 2 no 3 strong guys to help load.

love the pineapple



Jill said...

Awesome job Lori. It looks so inviting and you'd better be careful for what you wish for, snow!!! Really ? I wish I could come visit some day.

JB Knacker said...

I wish I could have been there! Really hoping to make it north this season and your place is on my list! Hope your weekend was fantabulous! Brenda

Janean said...

your attention to detail is amazing.

Jen said...

I was in on Sunday with my Mom. We were blown away. I am infused with holiday spirit! Great Job!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"! (I'm singing!) How wonderful everything looks...sure wish I could see it all in person. You are truly gifted with an eye for it all!