Thursday, November 5, 2009

The table is set

Welcome. The table is set and as they say... please seat yourself.
2 days left for preparations...almost there.
Lots more to do. I have the best ideas for my last room/ just came to me at 4 am . I can't wait to get to the store....

For now, my main table is set.
double click to enlarge.
pearls, burlap, crystals, budding amarylis

crystals and snowy branches

love the pearls...I found them in March and I couldn't wait to showcase them for the Holidays

the 25th is right around the corner

not shown in this picture but these silver cups are now filled with giant diamond rings...too fun

Finishing touches are done everyday....more to do
more pictures after Saturday.
Thanks for stopping.


Jill said...

Lori, the store looks fabulous. I LOVE the quail ornaments. My Mom and I both love quail. Can you tell me the manufacturer for them, so I can maybe find them around here? I'll ask Jana (Joyworks), maybe she has seen them. Adorable!!!! You are amazing. I wish I could visit your store.

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Lori, things look great! I have got to stop in! Things have been crazy for me, but will make time SOON! Sue says it looks awesome in person. Hope all is well for you! Missed you at Rose's!


Anonymous said...

Can you save me one of the star/snowman ornaments? Thanks,
ps...The gang is coming to the Twin Cities the weekend of the 20th!!!

Janean said...

no kidding....absolutely drop-in-the-floor fab! i just wanted to sit down and stay forever. great blog!

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Christine, The snowman is yours! The weekend of the 20th....Fri and Sat I am playing designer/hostess at the North Oaks charity home tour here in town... I will not be at the store until after 4pm and then all day Sunday. The girls from Michigan....I can't wait.