Thursday, June 3, 2010

vintage bags ~ per say

New bags! Just in. I have been waiting for these lovelies since January.
Now that they have finally arrived I can't believe I only ordered 2 of each. Dope.

You feel like you stepped back in time when you see these bags

~ except no smell ... you know what I mean

All are made from reclaimed - worn canvas
This messenger bag is the smaller of the two

over the shoulder - cross body

small messenger bag $78

smaller on the arm or on the shoulder old train style bag
Love $98

large tote $98

this one is large and would make a fun travel or overnight bag.
also a great lap top bag

how fun, how fun, how fun.
Large Train style bag $116

I remember when I first saw them I wanted 50 of these to make a great display with

... I think I remember my sister saying " just try a couple of each"
always keeping me grounded.

But these hanging from the rafters in mass would make such a statement!

the clasp

the print

the fabric

the different styles
small tote $78

large tote $98
rough and raw... the them all
I will have to reorder asap! I know the gals at the Barn will all be sportin' vintage bags.

Eek.... the open house is in 2 days.



sassytrash said...

LOVE those bags!!!

Here On Crow Creek said...

Those are wonderful! Those will sell really well.I think the ladies are really going to love those , you better order some more!

summersundays-jw said...

You always find the best bags. Love these!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Oh My...I'm a lovin' 'em! It's always so hard to judge when ordering inventory. I'm assuming you've already put in an order for more? I'm sure they'll sell out quickly.

The Whistle Stop said...

I LOVE the bags! Can a girl get one if she doesn't live close enough to shop in person? I enjoy your blog and hope to visit your shop sometime! I am envious of all your space. My shop is a tiny 500 sq. feet!
Good luck with the open house!

time worn interiors said...

They are fabulous! I would love to visit your shop! Your displays are fabulous!

time worn interiors said...

Oh and I forgot, I LOVE those bags!

Anonymous said...

The bags are awesome! Much luck with the open house!! You're so talented...I'm sure it will turn out great! :) ~ Jo

Vintage Market Place said...

always go with your instinct
you are going to have to start a waiting list for these.
I love the one with the little ball clasp to close it an leather handles
just dying here!

mary pernula said...

Love the bags!!!!

Angela said...

Those are so cool!!

Faded Charm said...

Loving these bags. You'll be sold out in no time.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.


mary pernula said...

I just ordered my purse! Thanks for the awesome help from your store. I will post my purse on my blog when I get it, this is a early B-DAY gift from my hubby!!!!!!!!!!!! XO MARY

Honeycomb Creative Co. said...

Oh my goodness I'm in love!! Can I order one online somehow? Maybe e-mail you? I live in Kansas so there's no way I could make it up there, but heck those things might be worth the roadtrip : ) Let me know if it's possible to order and ship!
- Courtney

Dru Ann @ a Fine Farmhouse said...

I would love to order one too ! Please let me know if I can.... I'm so excited over these bags !

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Me oh My

I think we have a couple of bags left. Call the store and if they are gone I can take your name and place another order!!!


Thanks so much girls for ALL the great comments and well wishes for the tour.... I'm trying to hang some awesome lights but one just fell... NO crashed to the floor #*@! Uuuugh! Why is it so much easier at the store.... damn holes!

~Later Lori

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

The bags are them!
xo, Sherry

Rebecca said...

I will have to visit you in Mn, my home town. I get there pretty often as I have 2 daughters still there and my mom.
Love the bags

Rebecca said...

I will have to visit you in Mn, my home town. I get there pretty often as I have 2 daughters still there and my mom.
Love the bags

sanjeet said...

I think the ladies are really going to love those
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