Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sit and relax ~ entry continued

Along with my window boxes outside I have a ten foot chippy white church pew by the front door. I would normally say, "sit and relax" however, it is now filled with books.

... along with my garden tubs

books, books, books

a little twist with the color .... the olden' golden' days

I know what you are thinking.... what about the weather? Yes, the books come in every night at closing and then out again in the morning. It is actually kind of fun to come and see how they are arranged every day. Whoever opens the store in the morning gets to put their own twist on things. This is my twist...

maybe we could learn a few things...
what is they say "take time to smell the flowers"
the books are also for sale so everyday there are a few less to play with

love my book ends

I thought I would share a rare picture of my little one. She is deathly afraid of the camera, so I never get a picture of her. She actually will start shaking and then run whenever I take the camera out, but today she came up and wanted a sniff!!!
Too Cute!


I had to add one of the new baby in the house
10 months old
she was helping spread the new mulch and I guess needed a break
thanks for stopping ~L~

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KayC. said...

I love your book ends! Great post.