Friday, May 28, 2010

window boxes - summer twist

One of many fun things that I get to do at the store is my outdoor walkway.
The path that leads from the parking lot to the front door is such a blast to decorate.
Especially, the first three window boxes.

I had a stash of old wooden brooms and broom pieces.... they sat in a box for a while with no fun project in mind. Until one day it came to me, I pictured them clustered in the window boxes and I knew how fun they would be in their new home.

I only had enough brooms for 2 boxes so this one... well, I guess it has an array of found objects. I love the clock outdoors!!

last but not least...

isn't she precious

see you soon. have fun planting.
The weather here in Minnesota is glorious.


Meg said...

Your window boxes look very whimsical. I wish I lived closer to visit your store. I really enjoy looking at all the pictures and offerings. Very inspirational!

Ticking and Toile said...

yes, the boxes look so cute! love what you did w/ the brushes! I have a bunch of those in a bag I've been wondering what to do with! Now I know what to do! thanks Lori!


Anonymous said...

Lori ~ So glad you visited today, and yes, those chippy painted pieces definitely make all our white treasures look even better!
Lovin' your window creative. I never would of thought to mix all those elements...and it looks great! Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a great weekend ~ Jo

julie miller said...

Hi Lori, Such cute and clever ideas for your window boxes!!! I love all of them and the brushes are great!! Thanks for sharing--Julie

Faded Charm said...

Love this idea! Now you can sit back and watch it all fill in.

Hope you hada great holiday weekend.


sanjeet said...

I really enjoy looking at all the pictures and offerings.
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