Friday, May 14, 2010

Take ten and smell the coffee

Let me just has been one Long Week.
This morning my internet finally started working, the rain finally stopped falling and the craziness at the hospital .... i think starting to slow down.
Time to take ten and enjoy a cup of coffee.

fun little cart just came in

check out the burlap flower pot sacks... 3 sizes

I love my choir baskets

Enjoy the weekend... lots to do gotta run.... ~L~


Jennifer said...

I love these!!!! The mugs - everything - fab display - it's so cool - I want some! Jennifer....pop in at jennsthreegraces

CL Field said...

On this dismally rainy and stormy OK it's so nice to escape and look around your darling shop in MN!

The Cottage Girl said...

I have a candle holder just like that but never thought to use it this way! Very clever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I love all your pictures!! There are so many things I would buy if I could visit your shop. I love the idea of the candlabra as a cup holder...ingenius!! LOVE the old, white, chippy drawer. I could think of a number of places I could put that in my home.:) Love all the burlap stuff. It's all so great!!
We obviously have the same taste, so come by and visit. I would love to hear from you.!!
Bye for now,

:) ~ Jo

Mary Ann said...

beautiful display of cups, i would like to take 30 instead! thanks for dropping by and for your inspiring comments. have a great day...verbena cottage

Denise said...

just found your blog. Your vignettes are just to die for! AND so is your merchandise. I saw tons of great stuff I would love to have that I haven't seen here.