Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Cascade of RED

I absolutely LOVe when something speaks to me.
The moment I laid eyes on these chairs.
Twelve RED Chairs.
I knew the moment I saw these babies, where they were going in the store, ANd that I had to have them cascading from the ceiling. Don't ask why...when...what the... you just have to role with it.

Love this!

Too fun, huh? And what goes better with red then black and lots of White.

... and some garden

... and some books or course


So if you are looking for a set of 12.... they are here at the Pottin' Company

Lots more to come. I am falling behind on my posts so the pictures are piling up.
Ta - Ta for now ~L


Amy said...

those chairs are AMAZING! I love the display with them stacked.
Red is my favorite accent color in my black and white home, its a splash of color that makes everything seem a bit warmer.

countrycharisma said...

Lori, I love the red chairs; they look like good old primitives as well. To find twelve is even better, almost unheard of! what a great way to display them. Also like your succulents in the old sink in the other post. Looks so homey and natural! blessings, carrell

RustyClover said...

You have created the ultimate tower of chairs! I have always wanted to do that!!! How fun. Katy

Prior said...

I want them, don't really have a place for them, but I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE< LOVE LOVE them, really I love them!
Really 12 red chairs, wow!

summersundays-jw said...

You do amazing displays. I love to look at them up close to see if I can get any ideas. The wine display was one of my all-time favorites but I'm really loving the cascadeing red chairs. Jan