Friday, February 11, 2011

factory style ~ metal is in

raise a helping hand...
Metal is were it's at ~ Factory style 2011
Industrial has been all the rage for some time now AND it continues to be big here at the Barn. 
This spring we are metal -junkies... look for your self...

black chalk....for your white walls
I'm so excited to get something going at home.... I have the perfect wall

the alphabet flash cards are Sooo fun...and the mini clothes pins...

... and check out the metal flowers
I had to have some...

they are a little hard to photograph, but the next couple shots show you some detail

if you want them all ... just give us a call... the PO is just right down the street.

raise your hand if you are diggin' the Factory Style here at the Barn.

Warm weather coming...I am so excited.
I dug out a stack of hopes to do a little spring art this weekend
I am picturing flowers with fun quotes...
and flowers with sassy quotes and sassy words....
and flowers with numbers...
well I think you get it... I'm in the mood to paint flowers

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.
I am going to put on my new rubber - rain splashin' - zebra print COWBOY boots
 and splash in some rain slush puddles. and white zebra print.... you got it ~ too die for!

...before I get the new Zebra boots wet... from all the melting snow.... I hopeIhopeIhope... I am going to kick up my heels and look at the new Flea Market Style magazine.  I have a big ole box of them at the if you want your issue first, fast and right now...We have them! 
Way to go girls it is fabulous.


Gracie's Cottage said...

Metal y-e-s!
And black chalk? That is going to be fun!


Ido said...

Love the vibe going on with all that metal, I think I want everything! Simply beautiful!
Have a great weekend.


Love the black chalk, what is the price for a box of it. Mary

Anonymous said...

Lovely display....could you tell me the price of the Flash Cards and the Lotus Flower metal candle holder?

Christine said...

Save me some black chalk...ok. Just save me one of everything in that great display. See you next weekend!


Bohemian said...

Love the old Pie Safe... Happy Valentine's Day... Dawn... The Bohemian

Idamaria said...

please tell me the prices for the blk/wht chalk, metal long arms with hands and the alphabet cards. Thank you. Jean