Friday, October 21, 2011

photo shoot -


When doing a photo shoot for any publication things must be done SO far in advance.  So three weeks ago, right before closing, I was notified that they needed the pictures THAT day....

Within minutes the table that was loaded with cement pumpkins, fall apples an orange bird bath and other Harvest goodies was stripped down.  Then the 10 - 12 trips back and forth to the back room to gather some Christmas goods and here is what I came up with....

After the photos... you got it... everything went back to storage, the table restored to Fall splendor and then me home to put my feet up and get on the computer to work photo magic...

another deadline met.

These fabulous pearl and wire trees are going to be featured throughout the Barn this Christmas season, so I had to make sure they were in the shot.  Love them.... notice they have a simple rock base.

two sizes.... a must have this year.

you can see the rock base in this shot.
- the other lovelies are felted and beaded .... drooling

Love. Love.

little Swedish deer

Now you have a little hint of what is in store for the Holidays.

I am currently transforming the back of the Barn to a winter wonderland....

15 days until the Christmas premiere....

Halloween and Fall on sale!!!



Anonymous said...

I love those pearl trees!

Your shop always looks just amazing. You are truly great at what you do.

peoria, il

awal.ny said...

Those pearl trees a just beautiful. Will you sell them online? If so how much. Please.

time worn interiors said...

The pearl trees are wonderful! Great photo shoot! I really need to find me a chair with some burlap on it, I love that look! Have a greaat weekend!

Martha at Authentica said...

Love the trees!!!! I haven't checked yet...are you selling them online? so adorable!


Georgia Gibbons said...

whoever designed those trees is amazing. Those are soooo cool.

Lucys Baby said...

Looks lovely Lori, I am drooling as well!

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

Thanks for the love guys!!!

I sent you all a response but for those of you with questions.... The trees come in 2 sizes and I also have them in vintage green beads.... Love. I will post on them as soon as I can locate them... lost in a sea of product.

small $44
Large $56

Before I put them online I am waiting to see if I have any left after the premiere....

keep your fingers crossed

Gracefully Vintage said...

Great Photo- I LOVE LOVE the old chair- have one very similar...hmm
maybe ill use mine for the Christmas window-Great Inspiration-Love your blog..Karryann