Wednesday, June 12, 2013

kitchen re-make / Miller House

I have been meaning to power clean and re-Vamp the kitchen.
Well, part of the kitchen, I am still working on counters, sink, faucet, but that is another project.

The whole back of my house is one large and dining.

I was working on an idea for the far wall, for a long time.  I needed an area for storage and display... what to do, when is there time... 

Finally, I had a day to do just that.
It is so exciting to re - do a space... although, if you are like me, it means re-doing 3 spaces because everything needs a new home... what to do with furniture already filling that space...

With that said, it is a couple days not just an afternoon to re-Vamp.

This is the end wall of the large farmhouse style kitchen...

I had to find a new home for my Vintage bar cupboard (could not sell it - it went to the living room in front of the mantle) and my small farmhouse plank table ( I was using it for my desk - now it's the kitchen table).  Everything is flipped and swapped...

I love the wicker basket under the table for extra linens.
Unfortunately, the basket was too tall to slide under the shelf (an old window is used for the shelf).
I had to take off the wooden slides from the bottom of the basket ( what a mess ) and dismantle one of the handles in order to get it under (loved the large handles but one had to go )...  when a girl has her mind set - damn right it was going under !!

I was going to just use white dishes and not vignette this area...
Ha ! It just happens with me... I can't - not vignette
so, is it over the top - yes
do I love it - yes

the table itself is super - duper all alone
 "big Blue"
but he does look good dressed.

a few bar extras...

... and I love my touches of blue and the round window fit in perfectly.

I do have my collections - don't I...

this rusty metal measuring cup is a favorite....

should be in a magazine...yes ?
I think it would fit in in any of those big national Mag's... hint, hint Ki

As you can see, I built up the back for display...
I started with the table...vintage work bench, "big blue" and then searched the Barn for wooden boxes, crates and a small bookshelf ... I had everything else at home. 

I love how it came together... for the wall in the living room.

I absolutely love the wall and get tons of compliments ... and many a pin on Pinterest...but it has remained the same for three years now so it is time for a change. 

This is a wall over my couch. 
Just to let you know... it is all for sale !!! Soon.

Either separate or as a grouping if you are interested in recreating at your place.

Enough of my house... company is coming... I expect about 30 poolside tomorrow...
I have got to get some food in this house!!

I hope you are enjoying this new found heat !!

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Lori - RBPCo.


Junk Girl said...

Lori! HOW FUN! I want it all! I'll be stopping by soon to have a glass of wine in your lovely kitchen with you. Yep, I'm inviting myself - LOL!

Hope you have a nice weekend!