Tuesday, March 25, 2014

market finds

Another lovely spring day --- NOT !
I know you can't tell by my pictures, but it is still frozen- land up here.
It is such a drag to open the front door and be assaulted by a blast of freezing cold air.
enough, is enough, is enough....

When I went to the winter markets I was drawn to color.
color, color, color.

A long winter can do that to a person.
When I spotted These fun dishcloths, they were a must have!
You will notice them, in all kinds of bright colors, popping up in many upcoming posts.
yellows, oranges, greens, blues !!

Who couldn't resist a basket of pansies !!
I had to have them

Tulips of all colors
they look and feel real

for now ... that's what we get

I also found buckets, cans and bags of flowers !!!!

this too...
Gray Burlap ribbon in two sizes.
This chair - painted with Miss Mustard Seed's "typewriter" with a little "ironstone" stenciled on

this gray burlap is going to be fun to decorate with
... for all of you who don't do a lot of color....
you are going to love it !!

need a fun little insulated bag - with owls !!!

We are getting ready for the spring Junk Bonanza !!
I have a plan, Finally, for my booth...
Stay tuned.
Also, the next issue of Jeanne d'Arc is on the way.
It is the Easter issue that they do so well !!

times up ... I have to run.

thanks for stopping.

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Brenda said...

Spring will come, right? I love the bright colors, and the yellow tulips are just the ticket!