Monday, March 17, 2014

Paint something green

Happy St Patrick's Day

Oh yes. We must paint something Green today.

I am thinking Lucketts green but maybe Boxwood...
or I could mix the two...
that is the fun thing about MMS paint you can mix powders !!!
make your own color.

Even the bag is green

more Lucketts...
love the inside of this drawer.

I was going to go the Barn today and paint anyway...
This morning on the home front..
My furnace isn't working at home. Ugh. At least the oven works !!!
But the oven doesn't heat the toilet seat !
Like an outhouse in here.

Anyway, now I am grounded until they show up to fix the furnace.
The window they gave is 8 am - 4 pm !!!
Whatever ! How terrible !

Too bad I don't have my painting supplies at home.
I will have to work out and clean until they come...

here is some boxwood

Too fun

I have two cabinets at the Barn.
Can you say refreshment !!!

Can't wait... come on furnace guy !!

even though the wax isn't green, it is necessary !

It does have the token MMS green on the lable ... wink .

Yep, I am going to paint something green today.

As soon as the furnace guy comes...

If you need to stock up on your supplies, I have a new shipment arriving coming.

Lori - RBPCo.


White Lace and Promises said...

Wow! Love the greens. I have never used green in my home, but you sure want to make a believer out of me. Great ideas.

Nadene Burkley said...

Looks like you can't wait to have the furnace guy show up! It must've been a terrible winter for you guys, so I won't blame you for the impatience. They did give out a window time that's tad expansive. It's like waiting for an entire day. Did they show up at all, and were they able to fix the problem?
Nadene Burkley @