Monday, June 29, 2015

the NEXT red hot event at the Barn

As you can see...
I am hosting a small event at my Barn.

Folks at the last sale were very confused.
"...what do you mean you are having an event...I thought you were closing?"
"...this is the last day of the sale...but you are still open??? "

Yes and Yes and YES.

Let me explain.
Most of you follow the Blog and Facebook so you know that I have been here a while and that I have chosen to close the retail shop at my Barn.  I call it my Barn but it really is only mine on lease... I rent the Barn for my brick & mortar business...which I am closing.  I have this Barn... until the end of September. 
Yes...ALL Summer.

So in June...we shortened the work week and did inventory reduction. The first three weeks, Thursday - Saturday, I did 50% off the retail prices, and this last week I did 65% off. I hope you all took advantage of the marvelous savings. 
Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

Shame on those of you who asked for a bigger discount, did a hissy dance and left with nothing. I guess, all I can say is, it is your loss. On the other hand, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for those of you who not only helped reduce my inventory, but for all the praise and love you shared. 

Because I have my Barn all Summer I decided to have some fun and play until I have to leave.  So if you can make it to the Red Hot Summer event in July it will be filled with one-of-a-kind Vintage finds. Many treasures from my own house...AND from my friends who are also long time collectors. Prices will be as marked BUT priced to sell. Nobody wants to take their goods home with them.
...remember, as marked.

Stay tuned for what is next on the horizon. 

Spread the word and see you on Wednesday the 15th.

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