Sunday, January 23, 2011

Atlanta market

Destination: Atlanta.  Weather conditions Poor.
It started the day before I was going to leave. Freezing temperatures and an ice storm in Atlanta. Roads closed. Businesses closed. Airport closed.!  Oh No.  My Sister drives down from South Carolina and meets me every year. She called the night before.... bad news, "we are not going to get there"  Ugh!

This is how the adventure started.  The next day my flight was on time... hummm...on time, well if the airline says on time then it's a go. Off to the airport I went.  The first sign of trouble was when boarding stopped and people started getting off. Mechanical trouble .... needed to find a new plane, hummmm.  They said come back in a few hours and we would board at the same gate.  ..... when I came back...everyone was gone, this was my next clue that something wasn't right (I hate traveling by myself).  I was directed to the RED phone and I was informed that my flight was cancelled. Oh Oh.  I was then informed, all of the flights to Atlanta, for the following day were full.!.! What....!!!!  While we talked, a seat opened to Detroit, where I could then catch the last flight out to Atlanta, that night.... I didn't get a bad feeling about the flight, but I was now scared to death of getting stranded in Detroit for the night....Oh God help me, I took the seat.

We left on time for Detroit and by the time I got to my connecting gate they were boarding.... oh, Hallelujah.
I was so excited that I was actually going to get to Atlanta that I lost track of time.  When I landed I needed to find transportation to the hotel.  I had heard that all buses were canceled and only a few Taxis were running.  Normally I take the MARTA.... their train system... but it is kind of scary and I have only done it in the morning hours.  I was landing close to midnight!!! I decided when I got off the plane that I was too scared to ride the train, in the middle of the night, by myself.  So I headed for the taxi line. I didn't care how much it cost.... then I saw the line, a line like you have never seen before... and it is dark... it is freezing cold..... AND there were NO Taxis in sight.  Not one. There was at least 300 - 500 people in front of me.  I had Mr. Miller on the line - his response... "that's not good."  I needed to come up with plan B because I was freezing and when a Taxi did pull up they were putting one person in and sending them on their way..  What the....

There was a group of women ahead of me about 10 people up and I heard one of them mention MARTA and say "good luck ladies" and off she went back inside the airport.  I made my decision, called Mr. Miller and screamed "I'm heading for the MARTA.....I'll call when I can," as I ran with bags in tow.   I caught up with my new friend and begged her to help me find my way.  All was good with my new friend and the warm train until she informed me that I had to switch trains.... by myself.... oh God.  When the doors opened and everyone around me stayed on the train, and I got out.... alone.... on the cold platform .... by myself.... oh God. 

No one but men on the new platform.... spaced apart... all staring.  I picked the two guys that looked like they also were from out of town and informed them that I was standing and boarding with them... my two new friends.  I was once again frozen but all was well because I felt safe with my new friends from Alabama.... until I had to exit the train for the last time, on the cold platform ... this time I was all alone except one other traveler who looked as lost as I did.  I didn't care how lost he looked, I ran to catch up to him and informed him that I was staying with him until I found my hotel....unfortunately, he was not staying at my hotel, and he had never been to Atlanta before...Good least I was not alone. 

When we got up to street level we stood dazed looking around... there were no hotels in sight... nothing but a parking lot... were the hell are we....what way do we go???... Thank God, our new friend and tour guide, appeared from the train depths.  He informed us that we were outside the Olympic Arena and we needed to follow him around to the other side to find our hotels.  After walking forever...frozen, and trying to pull the suitcase through the ice encased sidewalks, we finally made it around the arena, past the aquarium, past the CNN building.... I told you he was our tour guide... I finally made it to my hotel room.  I was exhausted, frozen and starving...did I tell you I hate traveling alone. I never mentioned most of my adventure to Mr. Miller.  Mums the word.  No need to worry him about my future trips alone.

I made it.

The next morning I noticed the cutest pine trees inside the hotel....look at their funky little legs...

we have Norfolk pine at home... little guys in pots... never like this

too cute...
Off to Market.... Freezing cold... no buses!!!
One of the reasons we booked a hotel down town this year was so we could walk if we wanted to... so walk we did.  It is a straight shot across Olympic memorial park and then 2 blocks over BUT the park was chained shut because of the ice... of course it was.... so we had to walk around it.... 6 blocks total to get to Market... we walked very fast.  Once there, we were informed that most of the computers were down and there was no Tech support, sorry ladies get in line.... We finally did get checked in and we were off and running, I managed to smoke my credit card and have a great time with my sister .....

fun cast signage...

I love this little lift.... a miny pallet.... I must make some for my displays at the Barn

this is one showroom that i always look forward to

love it all....

this lamp shade caught my eye.... hung on the wall sideways... Too Fun

Wallpaper....I went ga-ga over this paper

some temporary booths

I had to order this reproduction mannequin .... they should be arriving soon.... the base is the only thing about her that looks new

fun display idea...

wow... for the love of books

these vintage molds were actually for sale.... mine now!! 
Should be arriving any day now....

Back at the room....

make plans for the next day.... go, go, go

and then go some more....

I loved the showrooms with the green food.  They were talking my language BUT they made me miss my Barn. 

Another successful trip to market, a rough start, but success in the end.  I tried to find unique and unusual finds for my shop.  I managed to score another European connection, so I will continue to get some vintage Euro goods.... Can not wait to show you what comes in.  Right now we are enjoying the Barn looking fresh and stream lined with all the Christmas gone.  I am so glad I am home and back at the Barn playing.

See you soon ~ L


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Wow! Traveling is not easy! This is the kind of thing that always happens to me when I am alone and I HATE traveling alone! Glad it all worked out for you and the show looks like it had some wonderful things.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Omg That sounds scarey,especially the train thing. All worked out good I guess, after the horrible trials. It's good to know their are still good people out their. judy

Tammy said...

This was the first year I missed the Atlanta show ( after 15 years)
I used to be a rep there in the Gift Mart...was glad to not have to drive this year! Your pics are great... I always loved taking a day and walking thru the temps...there are some GREAT GREAT things there!
Tammy :-)

Amy Kinser said...

What an adventure you had! So glad you aer safe and that you found people to help you out. I think I would have been terrified.

blessings to you...amy

Jeanne said...

WOW!!! LOVE everything!!
Eye candy for the senses. How do you stand it? Fabulous designs everywhere.. camera heaven.

xo J.