Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fresh start

Hi. I hope everyone is well and safe with all this crazy weather we have been having,  Atlanta is just now starting to get back to normal. The town was shut down for almost 3 days due tho the ice storms, snow and cold.  I spent 15 hours trying to get here for market the other day. Ugh!!!

I am here now and going strong after a slow start yesterday. 
My feet are killing me!!  But I am spending money like you would not believe.

Today towards the end of market I went through Christmas and I was not excited about much.  Tomorrow I will start fresh with the temporary booths and try to come up with something. The temps. are fun because I will find things that no one else in Minnesota has and you know how I strive for the one-of-a-kind items and the little things I find quirky... I have been taking pictures... so stay tuned.

I vignette I threw together before I left town.... Great Italian serving trays and soap from France.

My Lavender bar soap actually came out grey instead of purple...which I love .... how often can you find grey soap

Great pillow....Be Content.

75% off Christmas
50% off Pine
Last week of the Sale
See you soon.

Oh.... Jeanne d'Arc has arrived. Those of you who had one on order to ship should be receiving your copy any day now.


Rug Cottage and Iowa Barntiques Antique Mall said...

Hello from Iowa! I opened a rug/gift shop outside of Iowa City 18 years ago.Congratulations on your shop. It looks so neat! If I make it out that way I'd love to stop in! You have great style. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Have a blessed day! -Nancy

Debra@Common Ground said...

These Italian trays are wonderful!Hope you get home safe and sound. We used to live in Atlanta, and when it snows...forget it!

Anonymous said...

I love the Chianti Classico tray .. and since that is my favorite wine, it practically has my name on it.

I'll be stopping in for a magazine, and to check out my jewelry inventory and see what else I should be whipping up.

Take care,


Mel's Cabin said...

I love your stuff and signs. I see Miss Command Ground has stopped by. I noticed those trays too.
Nashville got plenty of snow last week now all gone, Yeah!!!
Visit me at Mel's Cabin

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for answering my question about he burlap. I really appreciate it.
Love your vignettes. I thought at first you had displayed the 'be nice' sign in a suitcase, but see it is two trays set up together. Really looks cute like that. They look great separately too.

barbara jean

Think I'll tell people how nice you were to answer my question. =)