Monday, January 31, 2011

wine lovers.... yes you

Good morning or good day. 
Another Monday... and lots to accomplish this week....again.  
 To start out though, I thought I would reflect on the weekend, with a wine post.  Relaxation, a little wine with friends, a little wine at home watching movies... they say a little wine is good for the heart.  I know it is good for decor and for gifts...

you know these caught my eye because of the book page...

Love the Sue Wolfe prints with the wine theme

the hand towels... just enough red

vintage look opener and some fun wine bar music

super fun bags

cloth coasters.... Love

i told you ... how fun is this look

I hope everyone had a relaxing and recharging weekend like I did.

More good stuff coming soon. The back room at the Barn is stacked high with boxes and so much more is on the way.  The UPS guy is not going to be happy with me.  :))

I have also started the Barn boutique area under construction - 1/4 of the store is filled with women's accessories...scarves, handbags, jewelry, hats, etc. and it needed to be opened up and refabed due to theft.  So all the jewels are coming up front and all the hidden corners are coming down.  NO more theft at the Barn.  Anyway, it's fun to demolish half the store and recreate....stay tuned!  5 new jewelry lines are coming in and they are ALL funky - vintage - my love. love.



Lilybets said...

Chianti is a very good wine, but also Corvo vines are fantastic (from country) and saturday I tasted a red merlot gorgeus (Yellow tail...australian).A glass of deep red vine and I could touch the stars!!!!

The Cranky Queen said...

I am a "winer"...loved this blog post! Great ideas...really liked the corkscrew image over the old book page framed...I love a good Reisling....not much of a redder...but like a good Pinot G-

Come visit me at I am new to the blogging world, but have been junkin and decorating and have had antique booths for years...tiff

Faded Charm said...

Love your wine decor. I have to admit I love my glass of red wine to unwind now and again.

Beautiful photos as always.


Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of wine, in fact I just posted about my weekend in Napa Valley with my daughters! Great ideas, thanks, Marcia in California

Karen said...

I can't believe it....theft at a shop such as yours? I have never been there but I would assume nothing but fine upstanding type citizens would patronize your shop. Where do these low life people come from and why don't they go back there? OK....that was a rant but it makes me so darn mad that people can be like that.