Thursday, March 3, 2011

farmer's market

I am in the mood this morning for a little splash of color.
This little splash just makes me smile
And makes me feel warm.
Yesterday it was so cold, I think -6 degrees when I got up. But .... when I got to the Barn later in the day the furnaces were not working... click-click-click that is the sound of my teeth chattering.  Normally it is chilly in the Barn, even with the furnaces working.  But yesterday it was freezing....the customers were commenting that you could almost see your breath.  I had my normal 3 shirts and a sweater, fingerless gloves and a scarf, but that was no where near enough to keep me warm.

click-click-click I was in the need of the yellow tulips.

I pray to God that the furnaces are fixed and putting out the warm air by the time I get there today. Actually, I hope it is working this am so my mom, who opens for me today, doesn't freeze to death.

new metal tags just in... fresh spring sayings...
something new for your pots, your bottles or your packages from my friend, Sue Wolfe.

they are good sized.... 2 - 5 " long


~ L


Ido said...

Wow! now I'm cold, hope your furnaces get fixed, sending you warm wishes from Utah! 45 degrees right now. Those tulips are very pretty!

Prior said...

Those tags are darling, so ready for flowers and spring! Lezlee

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

oh, I do long for 45 degrees...