Tuesday, March 1, 2011

European Love

Just in from over seas.
Love it when the goods come in from Europe.
They are always so fun, but don't get me wrong, it comes with hassles quite often.
Getting things through customs takes awhile.
This shipment I am missing 1/2 my goods and my contact person is in Germany...She might get back to me in a few days... which means more phone tag...Ugh. It's the price I pay to get some fun, unique finds at the Barn.

metal buckets...heavy with a great pour spout.
vintages military shovels...
German watering cans...ex long spout.

so fun shown on my garden table filled with greens...

one of these beauty's will adorn my front walk

...and these military shovels...

galvanized cake lift and a cute grass vase

this wild lavender is too die for...I have caught many guests smelling it...

can't wait to get some home to fill all my white pitchers

the burlap pillow has just enough purple in it's pattern to flow with the lavender

sorry I can not ship the large buckets or shovels ...too big and too heavy.

I am a little more organized with my posts this week ... meaning, I actually have them done, so you will see more of me.  Thirty degrees today  ")   but they are talking more cold and a big storm later this week.  Now that it is March ... there is hope in sight.... come on SUN.


summersundays-jw said...

I think I have shop envy. I've been reading your blog for a long time & I think this is my favorite post. Great pictures!!!! Jan

Lilybets said...

..your shop is beautiful!!!!.If I understood well you have many problems when you buy products from Europe...I'm very sorry for that.I'm Italian and I love Italians handmades...I'm creating a new blog to show you many beautiful and spcial creation made with love and passion by womans at home!.If you need something from some Italian company ask me by e-mail,I can phone them without problems for you,don't hesitate to ask me,I will help you for free!.


I love the buckets, I understand about the shipping. I have purchased buckets from over seas and know the price of shipping and the wait, however I love the quality of them. Have fun selling these. HUGS MARY

time worn interiors said...

For real, I am ready to see some sun! All your european treasures are great! Hope the rest comes soon!

barbaraboxell said...

Everything looks beautiful!!

Simply Bungalow said...

I love the buckets. Everything is so beautiful.