Friday, April 29, 2011

April showers

April showers bring May flowers.
We can only hope.
Seriously, between the snow and the rain and the rain and snow, I don't think I will ever get outside again.

After coming back from sunshine and 80 degrees....not good.
Another bad thing about leaving and coming home is that things pile up while you're gone.  Things pile up and the routine is broken and the relaxed vacation is oh so quickly forgotten.

But it is good to be back....

lilacs .... who doesn't love the lilacs

some fun finds just in....

need some quick art
throw a couple fern leafs in an open frame.

fun dress form just found

purple and white flowers....I can't get enough

more goods to show you next time

my pictures are piling up.
ttfn ~L


Anne Marie... said...

how much for the dressform?


Anonymous said...

80 degrees???? I can only imagine!

Glad you are back and hope your weather gets better, too. Tonight we're supposed to have rain/snow and the weekend is only going to be in the mid-30's. Scheez.

Beautiful pictures...I love lilacs! So do the deer (grrrrr)