Friday, April 8, 2011

latest and greatest

We've been waiting.
We have all heard about Fifi O'Neill's book.
It's here and the girls at the Barn are Lovin' it!
I ordered many many copies but it looks like a reorder is evident.
6 copies left.

Romantic Prairie style

some of my favs from the book.

love a good covered porch

books and mirriors

I'm an outdoor decorator.... love to bring my indoors out...


Go find a copy. They will sell out fast.

I am having fun getting ready for our big Festival of Junk.
Next week already!!

Have a great weekend everyone.
Give a call or email if you want a copy of Romantic Prairie style...
also back in stock Pale and Interesting and French Country Style at Home.
Two of my favorites.

Close to 70 this weekend
I am in heaven.


Robyn said...

I wanted to let you know, I received my goodies! I SO love them and that cuff is FABULOUS and FUNKY! If you have a T I'd love to buy it, it's the initial of a dear friend who is battling breast cancer. Also, I'm having a Shabby Apple Give AWAY! Come enter!

Anonymous said...


Great book! Wish I had a covered porch here. But the wind would blow the decorations/chairs/food to Kansas!

Again, I adore my latest purchase from you. The PEAR and RED VASES are happy in their new home!

Great post. Great book. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I just 'featured' Round Barn on my blog. I hope you get LOTS of visitors and they are as happy with you as I am!

Jan said...

OK Lori! I am on my computer ENTIRELY TO LOOOOOOONG and its YOUR FAULT! LOL! I come here and spend SHAMEFULL amount of time OOGELING at your blog and the pics!
Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It is MEZMERIZING!

Have a blessed weekend:)