Friday, April 22, 2011



That I did.
I went to market last weekend to finish up a Christmas order .... yep, still working on something fun for Christmas. Anyway,  I scored some more fabulous cuff bracelets.  They went so quickly last time I found them, that I felt fortunate to get my hands on a few more for the Barn. 
Of course, a few had to go home with me....
I am a bracelet hoarder.

 check them out....

good spring colors

love the coral and blue together...
luckily I found two

I put this post together last Tuesday before I left for sunny Vegas!!!

winner. winner. chicken dinner.

I'll let you know how things went.
Hopefully I am out in the sun by the pool with an umbrella drink while you are reading this.
I need sunshine and water... away from snow and wind

wish you were here... L


Anonymous said...

Looser, looser....that'd be US who are NOT in Vegas!!!!!

Have a 'brella drink for moi and I truly hope you are wearing one of your new bracelets while sitting next to the pool.


trash talk said...

Prices please...'cause I'm in love with the blue crystals on white! Love the coral pair as well.
Hope you win the jackpot.

A Cottage Muse said...

OMGoodness...those are fabulous!
Do you sell them online?

Lilybets said...

Beautiful!!!.Your shop is so full of charm!!!.

Pieces From The Past said...

WOW, love the bling! Love the white on brown!