Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Happy snow day...again, for us up here in Minnesota.
At least we know it will be gone by tomorrow.

Easter Sunday it will be 60 and sunny here!!
I told my family the menu is going to be
Ham & Corona's
Sunshine & laughs out by the pool.
...if any of you are reading this, bring a rake...I am behind on my chores.

A little eye candy for you while I am away.

- metal art, Sue Wolfe Design.

the Barn will be open normal hours.

Jeanne d Arc ~ 3rd issue has arrived.
It was a week late but Fed Ex never fails.

Enjoy the rest of the week ~ L


Nordic Girl said...

Love the bunnies, but especially the metal art! If it doesn't stop snowing here soon, I'm going on a weatherman hunt and take all them suckers out!!

Angela said...

Gir-rrl! you really know how to arrange the beautful things in your shop!!

time worn interiors said...

This weather we've been having is nuts! Looks cozy inside your shop though!

Heaven's Walk said...

Beautiful photos, Lori! Sure hope that the 60 degrees decide to stick around! I think all of us want to kick Old Man Winter to the curb! :)

xoxo laurie

Martha said...

We've had lots of tornado warnings lately down here in Georgia..before we go to the teens know the drill, jeans, shoes, medicine, laptops, pillow, phones, list...purse, medicine, jeans, shoes, phone...yada yada...Jeanne d'Arc magazines...LOL!
Can't wait to see the new one!
Have a happy Easter!

nancarts said...

Just found your blog thru Feathered Nest. Love it. Your shop,barn, looks kind of place...sorry I can't drop by
Florida is quite a ways! I don't do snow!!

Have a great day.

Smiles and Blessings,

Eileen said...

Dawn at The-Feathered-Nest said she loved your blog, so I had to check it out! VERY NICE!! You have a pretty shop. I just did a facebook post on A MAD HATTER'S ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES & HOME DECOR facebook page about our Minnesota friends leaving Arizona and going back to the SNOW! Stay warm!!