Sunday, October 20, 2013

I heard the snow is coming

Talk about rainy days and Mondays...
how about rainy days and Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...

Oh boy, enough all ready. 
Yesterday everyone shopping was talking about the snow that was coming. It did not hit us...not even a flake, but it was cold and damp. It has basically been cold and rainy for a week.  Ugh.  I guess it has me in the mood to get going for winter vignettes.  Hence, the cute snowy penguins...all dressed in birch bark...


With there sugared beaks....they are so sassy.

they seem to be all amiss about all the people walking around the shop today....
one little girl even called them seagulls...the nerve !!

I found these metal numbers !! They look great on the tree !!

I hope you enjoyed my first glimpse of winter. It is going to be a fabulous Holiday season. I am doing an event in a couple of weeks, which will take me a way from the shop for 4 days during my transition week to flip the entire shop from Fall / harvest / Halloween over to Christmas.  It is really throwing me off...but, you must adapt to the time table and move forward...

That is why I am starting so early.

Shop news !!
We are doing a Fundraiser event next week.

The Fundraiser to help raise 
for the homeless shelter for teens in our county.
Hope 4 Youth
There are 700 homeless teens in our county alone !!
The shelter is trying to raise funds to open an over night addition....
Right now they have nothing and they are forced to close the doors at 7 pm !!
In Minnesota !! The kids have to leave at 7 pm.


So we are asking you to bring a winter survival item or Load !!
Hats, mittens, Gloves, scarves....any thing to help keep them warm.

Hope for Youth will be at the Barn during the Event.

Thurs - Saturday
Oct 24 - 26
regular Barn hours

You will get a 5$ coupon if you bring a donation
Plus we will have tons of goods on sale at the Barn.

We will also donate a portion of our proceeds from the entire 3 day event. 

Please come.
Please tell your friends.
Please donate.
A porta-potty is not a bed !!
You should not be late for school; because your hair was frozen to the ground.


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Inspired....that is always what your posts provide for me! Love the white with the feed sack brown!


time worn interiors said...

Looks great! I would love to come shop the barn!