Monday, October 28, 2013

sparkle - it's that time of year again

Happy Monday.

It is going to be a super busy week.  My list's are smokin'....
As far as the Barn goes, you all know I have layers upon layers of smalls.  So when a table or a buffet sells ... while I am trying to set things up for Christmas.... Holly Cow. ... Yesterday, 2 large pieces went out right at closing..... !!!

Will I be going in early....YES !

This is the week that I scramble to get the Barn flipped to everything that Sparkles

... and it is a very Big Barn.

love pearls with winter greenery.

Catch Up :
we are continuing the sale that we started during our fundraiser
Handbags ...all 40% off
Scarves 20% off ...even the ones that just came in !
Fall goods 40%
Halloween ghouls 50%

So while you stock up on sale goods and get first pick of my Christmas finds, I will be working the floor setting up as fast as I can !!!

Jeanne d' arc news :
11th issue - pre Christmas coming
issue 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 still available (a few issues each)

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