Tuesday, May 20, 2014

all things french

Why are we attracted to this look...

This fabulous French - Nordic Decor

the Santos... the Mannequin ...
the gilded wing ...


I'm just settling in from my latest travel adventure.

A week in Charleston. In May. Pure heaven to say the least.

I visited a ton of shops and a ton of Antique venues... unfortunately,  many were closed... either because it was mid week or they had just went out of business.  The ones we did get a chance to venture in didn't hold a candle to my Barn.  Not to toot my own horn... BUT... my standards are high !!! 

I wanted it to peek my interest, I wanted to be able to envision and dream of it coming home with me... I wanted to walk in and go ...Aaah, I love it.
Not until I got home and walked into the Barn did I get that.

As they say in these parts... we are lucky to have a place like the Round Barn Potting Co.
Pure heaven.
I hope you can make it in some day.

We are starting our summer hours soon.
After memorial weekend...
Shorter hours Sunday - closed Monday's 
... and we are looking at closing Tuesday's ...that is still under discussion. 

Stay tuned. It is supposed to be high 70's and sunny all week !!


Linda Strand said...

I agree. Very few can hold a candle to the Round Barn. This is why I will drive all the way from Oakdale to pay you a visit!