Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It starts tomorrow

It's happening. 
The event starts tomorrow.

Of course, the way my world rolls, I was super busy at the hospital and I have acquired some sort of illness. Ick. I have been down and out for days.
So, I am feeling stressed and that doesn't help.
I am way behind schedule....hopefully, no one will notice. 

 I will leave this short blog post with you...as a reminder.
The Sale starts tomorrow.
My plan is to get photos loaded tonight...
we'll see... but it is my plan.

I have managed to get some things from my house loaded...
thank God 
now I just have to get pricing and get signs out, etc.

I can tell you this.
There is some fabulous stuff that is waiting to go out the door.

*as a bonus any smalls of the Barn...with the RBPCo tag
65% off

...gotta run.

Lori ~ RBPCo. 

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