Wednesday, July 15, 2015

we are OPEN

It feels like forever since we have opened the doors.
(2 whole weeks)
I, however, have been at the Barn every day working. I cleaned and sorted and condensed, and have seen more open floor space then ever before.... and then we filled it up again.

As I mentioned, some of my friends have brought product in and we are having one last market. I will continue to offer the Barn goods at a discounted rate at 65% off. The general market goods from my friends will be priced fair but firm and we will go with what the tag says.

Here are some goodies...

Vintage postal bag from Canada 

Fabulous metal GROCERY sign

Missouri Bank and Trust 

Patio time

Sue Wolfe has entered the building

My friend Lanette has the industrial - Chippy goodness 

Look at this table top

Vintage garden wonders

Carrie brought some fab goods

some primitives from Ms M

more garden fun

Signs by Shanna

...and Carrie does fabric...

Ashley snuck in a few things

I dug in my Jewels stash

My collections ....

Come in see whats new and what you can't live without

I can't say if this will be the last time I am open, we will just continue to role with the flow. I will keep everyone posted on the future of the Barn itself and with what is happening with me.

Sorry these photos are getting out late...
as they say...better late then never.

See you later

July 15 - 18
Wed - Sat
10 am - 5 pm

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