Monday, August 17, 2015

Coffee time

To catch up on last, I have not finished...or even started on my countertop, sink and faucet project. Busy week at the hospital and we are still open a couple days a week at the Barn...and life happens.... laundry etc. It is still on my mind, and it will get least it is in the Project file.

My Coffee station, on the other hand, is complete and cute as a button.

No Keureg (?sp) for us....our pot is the 14 cup-per and we drink every drop.

I love this area because it gives me a tiny bit of room to vignette.
Brewing is important, but a good vignette is hard to come by !!

Vintage wooden milk bottle crate.
It came about five years ago in one of my European shipments.  I sold all the little milk bottles but had to keep the crate for myself.  I use curtain clips to hold my coffee cups.

Beautiful way to display cups for guests or for daily use. 

Don't you love my sweet mini furniture pieces.
(not to mention these fab counters)
They are hand made and purchased from a talented potter who worked for me at the Barn.  She can do color specifics on individual orders.... and, as artistry goes...sells her pieces much too cheap.

Kate would love to make this lovely piece for you...or a 100 of them for your shop.

Let me know !!!

I hope you are taking the time to enjoy a nice steamy cup this morning.

Happy August 17 !!

Lori - RBPCo.


Linda Strand said...

Happy Birthday Lori!

Betsy Brock said...

Very cute and happy birthday!
I drink a whole pot of coffee all by myself! And sometimes I'm sorry it's all gone! ha.

Ame Helme said...

So You are still open? How much longer? I am planning to come up but wont be until sometime next week.
Thank You
:-) Ame