Sunday, January 31, 2016

pearls and such

I don't know when my fascination with pearls began.  Not that they are real pearls mind you, just good old fashioned strings of faux pearls. The more the merrier! A string here - a string there. No rime or reason.  When I had the Barn, you would find strings of pearls, both black and white, in about every vignette. Of course, I eventually incorporated it at home too.

Or maybe it stated at home and I incorporated them at the Barn later.... who knows.

(I am starting to think my camera is a little off....since my dog buried the camera out back and I didn't discover it for over a week.) 

The small chest over the toilet has a few little vignettes going on.

The fun little cubby shelf is just the right size for a few of my collections to showcase.

a mix of metals, door knobs, clocks, Pearls and a sassy squirrel.

I love all of these pictures.
This area has an eclectic mix of vintage charm, architectural elements and feminine whimsy.   

My tulip vase is cement and would be great outdoors except there isn't a drain hole. So I brought it inside and it landed in the little bathroom. The tulip vase has been used to store extra towels ever since.

When you think about it, most of your guests end up using the little guest bath, so why not take a little extra time and make that bathroom fun. - Add those personal touches !

more later ~


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