Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time to talk

These days I tend to have extra time on my hands. I think about my lists. I think about what I want to get done... tomorrow... it just doesn't seem right to get into a big project today. For some reason, I am putting things off.  I think about all the things that I didn't do, when I didn't have the time.  Now that I have the extra time, it continues to get put off. Why is that ?  My Grandma Lois used to say- it can wait for tomorrow. That is how I am feeling these can wait until tomorrow. 

I have taken the luxury to get into a few good books since Christmas. - down time is good.

I am in need of inspiration.
  One thing is for sure, I tend to get things done when I have a deadline. Sometimes it's alright to sit and ponder the projects and make the dozens of lists, but eventually one does need to get started. I am going to have to set deadline goals if I am going to get things accomplished.

That is exactly what I will do tomorrow. 


Bohemian said...

I think it may just be the changing of the Seasons... during Winter I am more dormant about Projects getting done and tend to put things off more... normally I'm not a procrastinator but lately I haven't been in the Mood to Push myself all that Hard, when I really NEED to. Ha ha ha... Dawn... The Bohemian

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

I always think I will get more done on a rainy day - Not the case. The sun energizes me and the clouds and rain suck the life out you.