Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fresh Start or should I say FROZEN Start

How darn cold can it get. The weather man announced that it was colder here in Minnesota then it is in Alaska. Crazy! As I am couped up inside, this time of year, my mind starts spinning with all of the projects that I yearn to get started on. If only there wasn't so much to do at the Barn, and the hospital, and the laundry..... as grandma Lois would say "It'll keep until tomorrow" meaning, leave the laundry and the chores and have some fun.... paint, rearrange, surround yourself with the things you love.
It is time for a fresh start with the beginning of the new year.

That is where my mind is wondering now, the Barn, where I purchase and surround myself with the things I love. I have wonderful plans for the new year and my new purchases should be arriving any day now. Atlanta was very interesting. It wasn't at all overwhelming, as I had thought, or super busy or hard to navigate. It was very much like any of the other markets that I have been to, only bigger, which meant sorting through more junk. There is a lot of junk out there....and I don't mean Junk in a good way... I mean junk as in CRAP! When I found a showroom that did turn me on I knew we had hit a jackpot..... and the credit card would sing. My sister, Sue, drove over from Charleston and met me for market. I think she had a great time spending my money!! I couldn't have done it without her. You start to go into buyers remorse - or economy freak out - or something.... when you're spending, spending, spending. You get to a point where you need that gentle push - it's okay, keep going, love it, love it, love it! Buy more!

One of my favorite showrooms, Bobo Intriguing Objects, the talented guy that put this showroom together is a genius. I grabbed a couple pictures on my way out... what you see is just the entry. Sorry, I couldn't get more photos. Besides, pictures could never do it justice.

Aiden Grey.

Magnificent. I feel privileged just to be allowed to carry their product... you will know what I'm talking about when you see it

Mary Carol Gerrity Collection

I started carrying Mary Carol last fall and I love her stuff. This spring the line is all White....Oh ... my....God! Love!

I found and ordered so much more. I can't wait to share it all with you.... it should be arriving any day now.


Anonymous said...

Love your treasures, watching from afar in snowy, cold Anchorage, Alaska. Wish we ahd such a wonderful store up here, or maybe not, because it owuld be such temptation!

Blessings ~ Eileen

Meadowview Farm said...

Welcome to our midwest winter wonderland!! Such fun to hear about your trip and see your treasures! I head off to Washington, D.C. soon -- not a buying trip -- but fun all the same!!

Meadowview Farm said...

Follow up to the above comment

...not sure how the "eokadu" found there way before your name, Lori. Perhaps the internet is frozen too! Although it does kinda sound like an arctic "hello"!

Lori Miller, Round barn Potting Co. said...

The below ZERO temperatures certainly are not good for business, however , the quiet days allowed me to get caught up on my week away from the store. This week we are going to see the 30's. Hal-a-lo-ya.