Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Saturday.

The premiere starts today at 10 am although I have had so many phone calls asking if they can come before 10 am or if we are opening early Or if they come early will I make them stand in the cold.... you guys are too funny.  I have been telling people that IF I can get there early and IF you are outside I will certainly let you in AND not make you wait in the cold.

The week has been crazy long hours ~ but Oh So Fun. 
It is my favorite time of the year!!

Yesterday was crazy because I could not get the day off at my real job.... the hospital.  So I started early and tried to get to the Barn as fast as I could... I still had product to get out and a whole area to style before I could end my day.  Although we don't close the day before, we worked around the early birds who could not wait for Saturday.... and I did get things wrapped up.

See you soon. 
I am going to have to bring 3 pairs of shoes today .... sore feet !! 

~ L


Darlene said...

the premier was great,the customers were wonderful and were almost wall to wall.I've worked there going on five yrs. and it just gets better every year.It's a delightful place to work.It was such fun meeting and greeting old and new customers. They make it a great place to work,(that and getting to see first hand all the good stuff that comes in)