Thursday, November 3, 2011

more preview...

The woodland Santa....

Yesterday's post my blogger was acting up, so you got the photo's but no commentary... normally I am not speechless. ...busy, yes, but I always have time for my babble.

love my faux cement balls

Oh my goodness.
 Things are transforming AND look so good.  I can't wait to show you the changes.  At night, before I leave, I shut down most of the lights and walk through the Barn looking at each vignette. It is such a calming end to the day of fast paced - none stop action. 

By Monday, I had the back half of the Barn finished and the photo shoot behind me.  The large table in the area I call the kitchen... where all the gourmet foods are... I cleared Sunday night before I left so it was ready for props and product Monday morning. While I was doing that, Darlene was Deconstructing Halloween... packing, doing inventory and de-cob webbing. 

By Monday evening, I was onto the next area I call my Swedish table... so cute, I can't wait to show you.   On Tuesday morning, Ashley helped out by Deconstructing my Fall vignettes in the front entrance of the Barn.  You can not believe how much help it is to have someone clear the way, while I keep decorating.  Most of Tuesday, the front of the Barn looked like a tornado had been through... empty tables, boxes, crates, and trees all in shambles.

Then on Wednesday, Cheryl was there to help out. I gave her the unfortunate task of sorting the pine and getting that on the sales floor.  I worked all day on Wednesday and Thursday getting the main room up and going.... Beautiful... if I don't say so least what I had finished when I left last night. for today and Friday, I have to finish the outside decor and window boxes... hopefully, the sun will shine and I wont freeze my you- know-what... 33 degrees this morning.  Then I have the front entrance vignettes to finish... with Cheryl's help I have a start on that ....  Bring on Saturday, I am almost ready...

For all of you who have asked about me shipping the pearl trees... Sorry, I will not.  I have tried hard to reorder (my 3rd time) but the company is sold out.  So what I have are staying for the Premiere and then will be gone.  It just means you will have to drive up..... ")

See you all Saturday or Sunday