Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter wonderland

We don't have snow yet BUT it is coming.

It was so cold yesterday...  I think it is here to stay.  Really, I can't believe I am saying that because it is hardly below freezing AND we will get much colder.... I am in for trouble...

The Barn is toasty warm and we are ready for our Holiday Open House this weekend.  I have all kinds of wonderful treats in store for all of my guests.

This is part of the main room when you start your tour of the Barn. 
It features my sparkle.

Really, it is a wonderful blend of white, blue, metals, birch and sparkle.

I don't know how many guests have asked to buy my tree with all of its fixin's

check out the large mercury glass garlands
1 left... I think

I love this Vintage aqua color this year.
In fact, I am doing this color in my kitchen this year.
So if you are coming on the home tour.... you will see the fun.

metal. glass. sparkle.

This shot is a peek at what is to come on my next post.

The home tour is filling, however, we have plenty of room if you haven't reserved your spot.  Stop in or give us a call. 763.427.5321


I have updated the online shop in the seasonal catagory.
I had planned on getting more done but my computer has been out of commission for the last 3 days...
I can't add everything because things sell out so fast at the Barn, but I will keep working on adding items.  Remember, if you see it on the blog, there is always a chance you can call and we can possibly ship it out.

See you soon.

~ L


Gracie's Cottage said...

It's so dreamy Lori...I especially love the birches mixed in!