Thursday, October 15, 2015

As the leaves fall

The leaves not only are turning, but they are falling fast and furious.

It's close to 90 degrees one day and in the 50's the next... Autumn in Minnesota.  The best thing about this season, is that it is almost always sunny. Sunshine is good, especially if it warms you ... instead of making you sweaty. I love the sun to warm me.

My Fall vignettes are so fun... 
I also have a table scape to show you on my next post. Had the girls over for some wine and cheer.  Now that I am not at the Barn on a daily basis - being over stimulated by all the product their - I can enjoy my goods at home again.

This is my neighbor, Patti's tree. I have never noticed it to be this colorful before.
Just beautiful

The mums in the Fall are so fun.
Saturday we are expecting a hard frost. I will have to remember to bring them into the garage for the night. 

I like to adorn the pots with something so they are not just a plain ole' round ball. I use feathers, twigs, metal flowers and branches of various heights....anything really to give them a little bit of character

I am still working on my project at home... Kitchen counter, sink and faucet. Yesterday, I stopped at a design studio that focused on high-end appliances, kitchen, bath and lighting.  Many, many fabulous things to look at, but the customer service was HORRIBLE. The receptionist... greeter... what-ever her title was, and the designer that helped me - NOT... were two of the most RUDE people I have ever met.  Because I am in the business, I was over-the-top put out, to say the least.  Actually, it didn't matter that I was in the business....anyone, would of been put out and upset.  They certainly would not have been on my payroll for another 5 minutes more..!!

In a world where everyone's time is so valuable, it is so important to make sure every client that walks through the doors of your business feels welcome. Make sure that they feel valued and that it wasn't a mistake for them to take time out of their busy week to visit your establishment.
- I'm just sayin'
My business advice for the day.

I will continue to look for my project pieces... elsewhere.

Happy Fall. 
Lori ~ RBPCo.

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