Friday, July 27, 2012

pool side continues

I know you are asking, how big is this back yard?
Really, it is a normal sized lot, I just make use of every square foot.

If I'm not sitting with my feet in the water or under the umbrella on the lounge chairs, I am here with my book or the latest fashion magazines.

This sitting area faces the water...

When my neighbor Roger saw the old sink in one of the gardens he said,  look Lori,  people are starting to throw junk over your  fence.

Herb Garden

yummy sweet basil

this is a trailing rosemary.... he is supposed to creep down...

Relax and enjoy a cup...

one week until the madness hits at the Barn.
I hope you can make the sale.

If you are a Jeanne d'Arc Living lover, the next issue is on the way AND I have a few more issues available on the online shop.... :)


Susie said...

Lori, I love your backyard. You are very good at decorating it. Smiles, Susie

countrycharisma said...

More beautiful backyard! Love your idea of the herb garden in pots on the wire rack. That is really a nice feature and easy to maintain. My herbs are in different locations all around the yard, need to consolidate!!