Tuesday, September 22, 2009

book fetish

LOVE Books. Covered, uncovered. Distressed, faded, torn and tattered. LOVE.

Lately, I can not get enough of them. I feel a need to put them in every vignette. All over the store and at my house. My husband, and possibly some of you, think I'm off my rocker....but I am obsessed. I know you have noticed them in previous pictures in previous posts but this is my latest "book - ing"

can you stand it...

Well, am I crazy...or do you love them too!


Marge said...

You are not alone. I too love books. The subject and author don't matter. Books are just beautiful to look at. Even without covers. I think it's a disease! I don't want to be cured, though, do you?

summersundays-jw said...

I just bought several books that were covered with great brown paper but they turned out to be Vietnamese. They were great looking but will be even better when I tie them up like yours. Thanks. Jan

Susie said...

Love how you've used the books in your displays! Great idea...looks wonderful. You know, there could be much worse things to be addicted to...that's how I feel and often tell my husband how lucky he is! Take care...

Barb said...

I'm lovin' books too.
But i must say, you are more than a few up on me! =0))
(and guessin' I'd better not try to catch up!)

So glad i found your place via top 10 antiques sites.

barbara jean

junkdreams said...

Hi Lori,
Love your blog....I only wish I could see your store in person...maybe one day as I plan to visit some of my Minnesota junking buddies one day. Would you consider mailing the J.D'arc magazine to Canada---I have looked every where and can not find it for sale here.
Happy day!