Friday, May 6, 2011

I need your help

Good morning everyone.

I need your help.  The junking community in very small.

In fact, we could all keep each other in business for years to come. 
So, I am asking if anyone out there has seen my things at any sales OR if you have purchased my things at any recent sales.  You see we have had theft at the ole' Barn.  It PISSES me off to no end.
I was going thru. pictures the other day and found pictures of MY things and decided to do this post.

1. in the first picture - hand painted vintage chair 

2. this hand painted vintage chair AND its partner, a matching hand painted vintage chair

3.  the hand painted chicken picture shown above
4. again the white and black chair
5. the wooden trunk  - shown above (heavy)
6. not shown but a bike with flat tires and remnants of snow and moss
(white paint, black paint, yellow paint and again white paint)

7.  in the background Large white metal architectural wheel

very large and heavy.
white with rust
5 - 6 feet across

8.  in the background / large vintage frame
its larger then it looks in this picture 3x4.5 feet, very sturdy
... probably expensive....I know I paid a lot for it

please, if anyone finds my things at any upcoming sales, contact us at the Barn.
We hate the Bi*tches stealing from us!
Don't allow them to profit!!!


Anonymous said...

Please refrain from such language when showing your concerns. I appreciate your frustrations, but please choose your words better. It just shows you are a professional among the rest of us that work in the same industry as you do.

afistfullofweeds* said...

Iam mad too Lori, I see nothing wrong with your language in this post!! I have been stolen from before and I know how violating it is!! Its just down right wrong, and I dont blame you for being upset!! I probably would be using much worse language than you did!!!! Apparently anonymous has never been stolen from!!

Dawn said...

Lori ~ Thank you for sharing with us, your faithful followers/shoppers what has been happening at the Barn. I will pass this along to some local auction businesses too so they can keep an eye out for your items. Also, please know that I do not find "such language" any less professional of you or the industry you represent!!!

BirchBerry Farms said...

OMGosh Lor---are ya kiddin me??? This is horrible---and I can't believe that this has happened to you---especially when you put every shred of your heart and soul into the shop---and the pieces that you have selected each by hand and the countless hours---well---I am truly sorry about this---
For the post regarding the 'scolding' you got from an 'anonymous' (which in and of itself is VERY interesting)due to your choice of language---I say this---if you knew Lori, you would understand the pain---if you KNEW what you were talking about you would know the pain---pretty sure we are all adults here---pretty sure of it---I have been in the business for 31 years and have know Lor for a part of those years----she is very professional in every fiber of her being---so ya---I saw NOTHING wrong with her wordage--- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!


OH my gosh!!! What nerve.......I am sure I won't see any off your things here in Washington State, but if I see it posted on any blogs or Craigs list I will let you know, inspite of this frustration have a Happy Mother's Day. Hugs Mary

Tracey said...

Man, this really sucks! Well, one good thing about this Lori is that you know you're HOT when people start stealing your stuff. So congratulate yourself on that. As far as the "unprofessional language" you used to express your anger...who cares?, you're just keeping it real! Sometimes you have to come unglued in order for people to understand the severity of the situation and know that you WILL NOT tolerate it. Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course I can't PHYSICALLY help you out, but I am sending VERY BAD AND DANGEROUS mental Karma thoughts to whomever did this to you!!!!!! How AWFUL and How RUDE!!!

My hair would be on fire and I'd be saying some VERY bad words if it were me!

Wishing you luck in getting your items back.


summersundays-jw said...

You go girl!!!!! I don't blame you either for being angry. Hope you find the culprits (almost said the "B" word). Jan

time worn interiors said...
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time worn interiors said...

time worn interiors said...
If anonymous doesn't like your language maybe she should find a different blog to read! Or maybe she's the one doing the stealing! lol! I think it's funny when somebody has something like this to say, they do is anonymously!

Stealing makes me mad to! It blows my mind when someone steals from me! If they'd ask I'd probably give it to them. And then to see a picture of your merchandise somewhere else! That's a real slap in the face!

I hope you catch the b_star_s who did this!


Mary said...

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I have owned 2 retail stores and yes I've had small items sneak past me and out the door.

I can't believe the nerve of someone stealing the items you listed. They are so big!

I just discovered your blog 6 months ago and love it! I hope to make it out to your store soon. My business is my baby and I know the Round Barn Potting Company is yours. I really hope to meet you when I come up there.

Wish you luck in getting your items back.

Amy said...

this post deserves any language you choose girl!!
I would be just as mad as you have come across.
you work hard at acquiring these items and to have them stolen by some deadbeats is horrible!
I hope for a good samaritan to come your way

Karen said...

I just find it so hard to believe that there are people out there with the nerve to steal from a retail store such as yours. Although I do not condone stealing in anyway-stealing from a "gift/want" type store is so low. It's not like the thief was hungry! Another seasonal junk/gift shop owner in Northern MN was stolen from last fall while she was selling at a flea market. these low ball sleezebags went to her home while she was gone and gutted her porch. She to put photos of the stolen items on her blog. I have not heard if she has gotten any leads. I am guessing the stealers are reselling them to other shops under the assumption "just cleaning out my garage" sort of deal. Pity the shop owner who may purchase it not realizing it has been stolen.

Heaven's Walk said...

Good grief! How in the world did they lug all of that stuff out of there??? I'm so sorry that you're going through this, Lori. I can totally understand your anger and frustration. The feeling of violation must be awful. I will keep my eyes open on Craisglist and eBay for your treasures.

xoxo laurie



Sorry to hear about the stuff -- I will let dealers and customers in the Carver/Chaska area know. Hope it all finds its way back to you!


Elle said...

I feel for you---I also own a small retail shop and have had the same thing happen to me. It always makes me feel so violated---and makes me pretty mad too!!! As I am WAY down south--on the coast of Louisiana--it is unlikely I will encounter any of your treasures. And--a quick note to anonymous--someone has STOLEN from Lori--and you are worried about her LANGUAGE!!! Mercy--re-check your priorities!!!

Bohemian said...

Hopefully someone saw such large items being removed and comes forth with information that will help you prosecute and perhaps recover your stolen merchandise? Stealing such large pieces would be difficult to be done inconspicuously... I'm so sorry you have had to go through the violation of being burglarized.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Uncovered Ruby said...

Theft has always been a concern for us too, but thankfully we've never had anything happen, and I'm praying we never do. I hope you can find your items, it doesn't even seem like those would be easy things to take! I doubt I'll see anything here in WA but this is a timely reminder and warning for all of us to keep our eyes peeled.

Junk Girl said...

Seriously?! Oh, if it were me, I'd use alot worse language!!

Same thing happened to a sweet gal who sells in the Detroit Lakes area. They literally stole right off the porch of her home and her yard. (Kinda scary, actually). Had to have been more than one person as she said her stuff was HEAVY.

We in ND will keep our eyes out for you woman!

Karen said...

The only thing worse than a thief is two thieves! I am so sorry. I hope someone recognizes your items and they get "what for".

Anonymous- blow it out your backside, sister. This is her house- don't like it- don't visit.