Monday, May 9, 2011

Stormy Monday

The show goes on.

We wont talk about theft, the B word or professionalism.
We'll just continue on as before. 
However, I would like to say, I am overwhelmed by the support and kindness you all sent via your comments and emails.  Some have experienced this type of violation first hand, others just plain understand how hurtful it is when something you cherish is taken from you.
Thank you, again.

The show goes on.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day weekend. I am still wondering what happened to March and April .... May 9th already...   

I love the new vine shown here on the step ladder....
nature, come on in

terracotta primitive pots

vintage drawers make great display trays.
Paris signage.... I'm thinking it would look marvelous over my bathroom door.

~just in.... need something for your entry?
bench, mirror, shelf, chalkboard

Lots more to show you, but for now ta ta ~ Lori


Nordic Girl said...

Sorry to hear about the thefts. I use to live up by you and I would have thought someone in the assisted living or condos next door would have seen or heard something, but still it sucks! Love to come up and browse through and I'll have to make a special effort here in the next couple of weeks. Keep your chin up and I do believe, "What comes around, goes around"!

Martha at Authentica said...

I somehow missed the last post and went back and read about the theft!
I am so sorry! It is amazing what people will do and what they can get away with! I had someone steal a 5 foot the middle of an antique mall...on a Saturday. I also have had several items broken over the years or just down right bent, pulled apart, scratched...I do believe in Karma and I hope you get all your belongings back and that you throw the book at the culprits...can't believe someone would back in and load up like that! UNBELIEVABLE!
KARMA baby, KARMA!!! :)
Have a great day anyway!